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Saturday, March 27, 2010

2nd time @ school

wellz, the morning started off quite well. she was awake bright and early! the class is supposed to start 845am and i kind of woke her up ard 730am ..... sometimes she can really "dilly dally" so i had to have abit of buffer. she was really cooperative until after breakfast!

i was going to change her and she started telling me "mummy i don't want to go school". she kept repeating it and giving me the "poor thing" look. i tried explaining to her again and again that going to school is fun, it's part of her growing up process (did she understand it??? i wonder) etc etc.... she seemed to know that she doesn't have much of a choice -- and kept quiet for a while. then she went "i want to nite nite, don't want to go to school" . gosh, where do the little ones learn such things? so young and already finding excuses?

so she went on and on about wanting to sleep. ok, it's getting a bit difficult to change her and out of the door.

finally she's all changed. and i told her to put on her jacket and shoes.

Oops, starting crying. even before we stepped out of the house! haaaiiizz.

anywayz, we made it to school. she was very clingy and not willing to let her go. i had to be quite firm and leave her with the teacher. can hear and see her crying loudly as i leave. *SiGH*

i decided that i won't call the school today. if there's a problem they will call me.

and so after 3 hours, i went to fetch her.

from afar i can see her jumping and prancing around in the outdoor area with the teachers. again, i am one of the last few to pick her up so she has the attention of ALL the teachers/assistants. when she saw me, she was quite happy. so that's good.

spoke with the teacher in charge today and she feedback that she thought kaira did quite well for a "newbie"! i don't know if she's trying to console me or what ;) but she apparently was involved in the activities etc and even though she cried like for 15 minutes, she was Ok after that.

in fact, i must say that she looked happier today than the first day.

BUT, when i asked her if she would like to go school, her answer was "NO". HAHA.

anywayz, next school day is next tuesday .... hoping for the BEST!

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