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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We are back to the cold!

after 2 months of "holiday" in hot hot singapore, we are now back in the land of the cold!

what a stark contrast from 30+ degrees celsius to 2 degrees celsius in a matter of 13 hours .... that's the beauty of modern technology. a 13hours flight brings us so far away from home.

well, the flight was pretty smooth :)) thank God.

initially when we got on, i was worried that kaira will be difficult to manage cos she just wants to play ... with the food tray infront of her, with the television screen and everything near her cos everything is so new and exciting!!!

although i was anxious to get her to sleep, we decided to let her play to her heart's content. we were the first few to board the plane, we were on board it i tink around 1015pm. the plane took off on time @ 1055pm and she continued playing ... until 1215am!! we did ask her a few times if she wants to sleep...... and we got the obvious answer "No."

but suddenly, she turned to us and said that she wants to "nite nite". and that's just what she did, laid her on head on the pillow on my lap and within seconds, she was asleep. no need to carry, pat whatever .... no struggling, no crying, no whining.... she surprised us!! :)

and so she slept for around 8-9 hours. after she woke up, it was only another 3 hours or so before we land -- with breakfast and the cartoons to keep her occupied, it wasn't too difficult. wellzzzz, until the last bit, where for no reason she just wanted to cry and so, we had to deal with a whiny, crying toddler for ard 15 minutes... well, not too bad for a 13 hour flight i suppose ;)

the cold, which greeted us upon arrival, was undescribable cold to me.....hahaha, even though it was above 0degrees! the difference was just very great .... and i needed some time to adjust to it.

the little one, i guess she was also adjusting. in fact, she was quite whiny in the house as we were unpacking etc. guess she's also adjusting to the fact that there isn't grandma, grandpa around to entertain her. and suddenly it's back to Mama, Papa and Kaira only.

but after 1 night, she's much better today. happy to explore her long-forgotten toys :)

it's forecasted to be a rainy week this week. haizzz, not what i hoped for but at least the temperatures are inching up so that's good!

these next few days will be packing and cleaning days ... then it's time to reconnect with the few friends we have!

see you end of the year SINGAPORE!!! and all our family and frens.
reporting to 爷爷奶奶, 外公外婆 upon arrival in amsterdam

all wrapped up on the train home.

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