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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Singapore River Hong Bao 2010

i am not sure how many years the Singapore River Hong Bao has been in existence. I've never been to one ;p

when we were living in singapore (and without any kids) -- i never felt the desire to visit it .... but somehow being away from home for so long, it changes a person ;)

plus, i thought it would be nice for kaira to see the lanterns and be part of the "festive" mood.

in fact, a couple of days before chinese new year, we went to Chinatown too, to soak in the festive mood. but alas, it was quite hot that day and she was tired and she fell soon after we arrived ;p and since it was so hot, it ended up a very short trip.

anywayz, the river hong bao is a yearly carnival held near the singapore river during chinese new year. it's not very large scale -- there's the lantern display, carnival booths, street hawkers etc. somehow, this year's theme is related to 成都 (the chinese city ChengDu), so the eats were mainly from ChengDu. would have preferred a more local taste :0 wonder what's the theme going to be next year?

because we visited the River Hong Bao after chinese new year, the crowd was bearable. and it was a nice walk from the Esplanade down to the River Hong Bao site.

The highlight of the night must be the fireworks. Yup, u guessed it, the RIver HongBao is not that exciting an event ;P hehehe.

Will i visit the River Hong Bao again? Maybe. Maybe not.

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