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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


i must have written about my face woes before. the redness that doesn't go away.

anywayz, some time back, i came to the conclusion that i am suffering from Rosacea. i always thought rosacea affects the skin only.

today, while once again reading up on the condition, i realised that it affects the eyes as well. and the symptoms described were spot on with what i always experience! i thought i was suffering from dry-eyes syndrome .... so it seems that rosacea contributed to my eye problems as well.

dryness, blurred vision, recurring styes etc.

ah, it's like epiphany! so this is what i have been suffering from. at least now i know. sometimes it does bother me that i do not know why i am perpetually having styes. or that my vision suddenly becomes blurrer. although of course, knowing the cause doesn't necessarily mean that there is a cure -- cos unfortunately, it seems that there's no cure for rosacea.

so i live with having to manage the "situation".

the reason i am writing this entry is because suddenly last nite, i found my vision to be much blurrer than usual. i diligently put my eye drops at least 2 times a day, every day without fail. in the past i always wonder why is it that there are days when my eyes just seem very much dryer and my vision blurrer. after a while it gets better.

ok, now i have a probrable reason -- the onset of a rosacea "attack".

the redness on my faces seems to be perpetual. but at least the "attacks" on my eyes are less frequent these days.

sometimes i wish the doctors i had consulted in the past were able to shed more light on my "sufferings".

many years ago, i saw a skin specialist, dermatologist they are called i think, and all i got was the usual u have sensitive skin etc etc and prescribed with steriod cream!! i have always wanted to seek an alternative opinion but sometimes with specialists/doctors (even if they come recommended), it can be a hit and miss. i wasn't sure i want to waste time and $$$ and get advice that i can maybe find on the internet?? and be prescribed creams/lotions whatever, that may not necessarily address the problems but only the symptoms.

then the last few years, i have seen several eye specialists. one of them, whom i saw in hong kong, was the worst. put me through a series of tests -- with no conclusive results. he really only wanted to earn the $$$. sought the views of 2 other speciailists (1 in hong kong and the other in singapore) and yes, both concluded that i have very dry eyes and need to manage that. guess the money is well spent in that no other problems were diagnosed and it was just a simple case of dry eyes.

i am resigned to the fact that i am perpertually dry-eyed and red-faced. wish something can be done ..... still looking for the miracle answer. in the meantime, long live the red face!!

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