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Monday, January 18, 2010


Today, i am very very happy.

A sister of mine, P, whom i have not seen in since she left hong kong in 2006 flew in from australian on-route to Malaysia. together with another sister, O, who moved back to singapore from hong kong, we had a gathering and it was such a great time! All we were missing is sister G!!! Then it would be just like old times!!

they are dear sisters whom i got to know during my time in hong kong and even though our friendship is considered short, yet, there is an uncanny bond between us. i do not know how to explain it. it's the bond of the Lord Jesus i suppose -- our common faith and beliefs; truly sisters-in-Christ indeed. in fact, i remember my first meeting with them @ a bible study group and immediately feeling very comfortable with them. and over time spent @ lunch, tea, prayers, bible study etc, they have become my confidantes and prayer support as well.

even when i was in hong kong, there was a period we hardly meet cos i working. and when i stopped working and re-connected with them, i felt like i was back with my family. over time, P left hong kong, followed by O and then me. and as we each get busy with our lives in different countries, we may not write as frequent as we like or keep in touch constantly. yet when we do write or when we do meet, it felt like we have never been apart.

i really thank God for bringing these lovely sisters into my life. they have been such a great blessing and i am very blessed by their thoughtfulness, their love and prayer support.

I am counting my blessings indeed. they are very very precious to me.

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