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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Local Food -- Singapore

Everytime i come back home, getting my fill of the local food is of TOP priority. of course i would love to eat only the BEST of the BEST but seriously, limited by time, how accessible the place is, and whether any changes has taken place, it's just not very possible.

and so, i usually try to go to places where i can get a good variety @ one go plus comfortable surroundings so that i can at least catch up with some friends or enjoy the meal with hubbie in peace.

and over the years, i have become a creature of habit usually visiting the following places for my local food fix :
(1) straits kitchen @ hyatt hotel for a great sampling of local food.
(2) princess terrance @ copthorne king's hotel for penang food. my favorite penang laksa!! very difficult to find a good one
(3) Kopitiam @ Swissotel. here i can get my assam curry fish head.
(4) Zion Road hawker centre for char kway teow, satay, noodles etc

and of course, i must eat my fill of local snacks especially curry puffs!!! for some reason, i love the Old CHang Kee curry puffs. i know i shouldn't eat too many of those but i can't help it. hehehe.

plus, i stay with my parents @ balestier, which is near the whampoa hawker centre and lots of eateries are located here .... so i get to eat yummy lor mee, vegetarian noodles, 板面, duck rice, bak kut teh, chicken rice etc etc whenever i want!

and this trip, i discovered the food court @ the basement of the newly opened ION Orchard! it has almost everything that i want to eat and the standard's not bad!! beef noodles, chye tow kuay, laksa, prawn noodle, ngoh hiang, chicken rice and CHENDOL!!! yeah, that's a hard to find dessert these days! i love the chendol.

but unfortunately, i really cannot stomach as much as i would love to this trip. the pregnancy is getting in the way. hehehe.

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