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Friday, January 15, 2010

GoodBye Lil' Beanie

Sorry, i lost you.

Although we only had a short time together, you cannot imagine the sadness i felt when the reality that i've lost you sank in. The sadness of what could have been.

At the gynae today, when i saw how small you were, i knew something was wrong without even the doctor telling me. Then, the doc couldn't detect any heartbeat. I knew that i had to say goodbye.

of course, i do not know why this has happened. God knows. And i believe His plans are perfect. He gives and he takes away. But my heart still choose to say "Blessed be Your Name".

Lord, if you mean for us to have another child, then we shall wait patiently for the right time and for the perfect child to come our way. Otherwise, we thank you. We thank you for the lovely child we already have. And the knowledge that Your plans are the best for us.

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