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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Weighty Issue

For months i've avoided going onto the weighing scale.

I know that i have definitely put on weight and just can't bear to know exactly how much weight i have put on.

today, as i wanted to weight little kaira, i decided to just do it!

well, little kaira weights ard 13kg (maybe slightly less).

and me????

I have put on 5 kg in 2009 alone!!! quite terrible. so much!! and they probably came on in the second half of 2009!!

u know in 2008, i lost all the weight i gained in my pregnancy plus a few extra kgs which means i lost a total of appx 18kg.

I thought i wouldn't have to worry about weight gain for a while.

but alas, +5kg in 2009. really have to watch the chocolates, chips and cakes that i eat so liberally each nite!! ;p

Conclusion : 2009 has been a good year! how else to explain the weight gain? ;p

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