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Monday, December 28, 2009

One Week in Singapore

We've been back for slightly over a week. but it feels like i have done more in the last week that what i normally do in a month! hahaha.

gosh. coupled with the fact that i don't feel too great with the morning sickness kicking in (or should i say afternoon sickness, or evening sickness ... u get the drift) .... it's quite tiring ;p and i do feel lethargic alot of the time.

so much so that i have yet to find time to visit the hairdresser ;p

yes yes, the one who said that she's not going to have a second child, is going to have one! kekeke.

anywayz, orchard road has changed so much ... with so many new shopping centres and the festive season -- its so crowded it 'scares' me. at the same time -- i love it. i love the fact that there's endless shopping and eating!!! oooo ... how i miss it! every few steps there's a snack that i can buy and eat! yummmmz! hahaha.

but of course, this morning sickness is sort of getting in the way between me and my food. i don't have much of an appetite. and when i do eat, i cannot eat as much as i want to!!!

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