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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cold. Hot.

This week the temperature is generally below 0degrees.

Brrrr..... i wake up each morning to see the frost on rooftops, cars, grass patches....brrrrr. cold is the word.

it apparently snowed lightly today (according to 2 friends) but i didn't see the snow leh ?! haizzz.... hoping that kaira will see snow fall before we head back to HOT HOT singapore!

and dun think we are hiding at home in this weather .... we still go to the playgroup, go to the market for shopping and have our time outdoors, but all wrapped up!!

Yeah, we are going to leave behind the cold this friday !! and say hello to HOT HOT Singapore on Saturday! Wooohoooo.

But i am very sure after a few days i am going to complain about the heat and humidity ;( heehee. ;p

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