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Thursday, December 10, 2009

2009 Visit to the German Christmas Markets

This year, we decided to travel a little further to visit the Rothenburg & Nuremberg Christmas Markets. and on our way home, we stopped by the Dusseldorf christmas market as well.

We decided to stay with Karin again, after a great stay during our summer holiday this year.

thank God that he answered my prayers for less rain! in fact in was dry on the first day and only a slight drizzle on the 2nd day! God is Good.

We arrived ard 4pm @ Karin's on Monday and by the time we settled down made our way to the old town 2 Rothenburg, it was close to 5pm and dark. So our photos didn't turn out that grea ;( Rothenburg's christmas market is a cosy affair and although there aren't many stalls, it's complimented by the various stores in the town, the most famous being the Kathe Wohlfart. This shop is a must visit when one is there. Beautiful!

The next day, after a leisurely breakfast, we headed to Nuremberg (i say leisurely cos we took close to 1 hour, chatting with the other guests and Karin while Kaira entertains herself looking for "Oma and Opa" i.e Karin & her husband. for some reason, she likes them very much, especially Opa.)

Nuremberg's christmas market was huge -- so many stalls! and the festive mood is really strong. Guess this is a case of the more the better!!! Seriously, after visiting 5 different christmas markets over 2 years, my conclusion is that a bigger market is better! ;)))) that's my preference ;)

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