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Monday, December 28, 2009

One Week in Singapore

We've been back for slightly over a week. but it feels like i have done more in the last week that what i normally do in a month! hahaha.

gosh. coupled with the fact that i don't feel too great with the morning sickness kicking in (or should i say afternoon sickness, or evening sickness ... u get the drift) .... it's quite tiring ;p and i do feel lethargic alot of the time.

so much so that i have yet to find time to visit the hairdresser ;p

yes yes, the one who said that she's not going to have a second child, is going to have one! kekeke.

anywayz, orchard road has changed so much ... with so many new shopping centres and the festive season -- its so crowded it 'scares' me. at the same time -- i love it. i love the fact that there's endless shopping and eating!!! oooo ... how i miss it! every few steps there's a snack that i can buy and eat! yummmmz! hahaha.

but of course, this morning sickness is sort of getting in the way between me and my food. i don't have much of an appetite. and when i do eat, i cannot eat as much as i want to!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Reached singapore on 19 Dec and my body is still adjusting. ;p

feeling super lethargic ....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Snow is Here!

Thank you Lord for answering my prayer -- letting little kaira see snow before we head back to singapore!

This morning when we woke up we were greeted by snow and being the first snow of the season, it's really such a pretty sight!! light and flurry. floating about in ernest. enjoying the sight of snow in the comfortable warmth of our home, it is a really nice scene.

Kaira and I had breakfast together with a snow view :))))

Of course, there isn't alot of snow yet on the ground .... guess progressively it will get so.

still we had fun @ our backyard with kaira experiencing her first snow. Thank you Lord once again.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cold. Hot.

This week the temperature is generally below 0degrees.

Brrrr..... i wake up each morning to see the frost on rooftops, cars, grass patches....brrrrr. cold is the word.

it apparently snowed lightly today (according to 2 friends) but i didn't see the snow leh ?! haizzz.... hoping that kaira will see snow fall before we head back to HOT HOT singapore!

and dun think we are hiding at home in this weather .... we still go to the playgroup, go to the market for shopping and have our time outdoors, but all wrapped up!!

Yeah, we are going to leave behind the cold this friday !! and say hello to HOT HOT Singapore on Saturday! Wooohoooo.

But i am very sure after a few days i am going to complain about the heat and humidity ;( heehee. ;p

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2009 Visit to the German Christmas Markets

This year, we decided to travel a little further to visit the Rothenburg & Nuremberg Christmas Markets. and on our way home, we stopped by the Dusseldorf christmas market as well.

We decided to stay with Karin again, after a great stay during our summer holiday this year.

thank God that he answered my prayers for less rain! in fact in was dry on the first day and only a slight drizzle on the 2nd day! God is Good.

We arrived ard 4pm @ Karin's on Monday and by the time we settled down made our way to the old town 2 Rothenburg, it was close to 5pm and dark. So our photos didn't turn out that grea ;( Rothenburg's christmas market is a cosy affair and although there aren't many stalls, it's complimented by the various stores in the town, the most famous being the Kathe Wohlfart. This shop is a must visit when one is there. Beautiful!

The next day, after a leisurely breakfast, we headed to Nuremberg (i say leisurely cos we took close to 1 hour, chatting with the other guests and Karin while Kaira entertains herself looking for "Oma and Opa" i.e Karin & her husband. for some reason, she likes them very much, especially Opa.)

Nuremberg's christmas market was huge -- so many stalls! and the festive mood is really strong. Guess this is a case of the more the better!!! Seriously, after visiting 5 different christmas markets over 2 years, my conclusion is that a bigger market is better! ;)))) that's my preference ;)

Sunday, December 06, 2009

SinterKlaas + Zwarte Piet

We were @ amsterdam today and @ the central station, they were offering free photo opportunity with SinterKlaas & the Zwarte Piets.

As it's an instant photo, it's kind of low quality and after scanning .....the image is even worse... ;(

But for memory's sake, here it is :


p/s SinterKlaas NOT EQUALS santa claus. ;p i was very confused the first year i was here. hehehe.

Friday, December 04, 2009

White Hair

Nothing surprising @ my age i suppose. i have lots of them. In fact, i've had them since i was a teen.

However, a couple of days ago, i spotted ONE strand of white hair on kaira!!!! thought i saw wrongly. happened that my friend was here, so i asked her to take a look and she confirmed it.

2 year old with white hair!!! 太恐怖了吧!

一定是遗传了我"不良" 的基因! **哎**

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Weighty Issue

For months i've avoided going onto the weighing scale.

I know that i have definitely put on weight and just can't bear to know exactly how much weight i have put on.

today, as i wanted to weight little kaira, i decided to just do it!

well, little kaira weights ard 13kg (maybe slightly less).

and me????

I have put on 5 kg in 2009 alone!!! quite terrible. so much!! and they probably came on in the second half of 2009!!

u know in 2008, i lost all the weight i gained in my pregnancy plus a few extra kgs which means i lost a total of appx 18kg.

I thought i wouldn't have to worry about weight gain for a while.

but alas, +5kg in 2009. really have to watch the chocolates, chips and cakes that i eat so liberally each nite!! ;p

Conclusion : 2009 has been a good year! how else to explain the weight gain? ;p