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Sunday, November 29, 2009


I know about the "Why?" phase.

But nobody told me about the "Where" phase!

the last week (or was it last 2 weeks??), her favorite question is "Where is xxxxx?"

even after we have answered her question, she will ask "Where is xxxx". sometimes when the item is right in front of her, she still turns to us and asks "where is xxxx?"

quite funnie. Ok, at least we both find it amusing still.

an example of her "where" question.

on friday night, we were out. the traffic was slow due to the rain and crowds. We were in the car, and we were simply not moving. So i was talking to hubbie about the "traffic jam"

and she asked " Where is traffic jam?".

tried to explain to little kaira that the cars on the road are not moving cos of the rain etc. and that our car can't move cos the cars in front of us are not moving. that's what a traffic jam is. and she goes "Where is the traffic jam?" and starts looking around.

after a few tries of trying to explain to her in different ways.......gave up! decided that it's best to distract her with other things instead. ;p

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