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Sunday, November 01, 2009

What's Up with Kaira?

hmmm, lazy mummy here hasn't been updating on her monthly progress the last 2 months ;p too much happening .... so much so that i cannot remember all that i wanted to blog down!!

tsk tsk. lazy bum.

so much has happened the last 1+/2 months.... using the potty for her pee and poop @ home, converting her baby cot into a toddler bed, switching from milk bottle to cup for her milk feeds...are the major milestones.

speech wise, she's been so expressive and holding such "meaningful" conversations with us that i cannot help but be amazed by this 小大人! she has learnt to "bargain" with us sometimes and can be so stubborn, i wonder who she inherited that from??? ;p
like when i ask her to do A, she will sometimes tell me she wants to do B for one last time before she will do A... if i say no, she will whine and cry and keep repeating her request till she gets it!!

tho she can't hold a tune very well yet, she likes to "sing". sometimes when we are out and about, she will suddenly sing out loud and look meaningfully @ the uncles and aunties around her. i think she's expecting them to praise her!!! hahaha. funnie sight. and obviously, the strangers are oblivious to what she's "singing".

she has suddenly developed a "fear" of cartoons. she actually asked me to swtich off the TV for her on several ocassions. and most days, she doesn't want to watch cartoons any more unless she's accompanied by my or hubbie. think it all started cos there was a "witch" on Dora and she was afraid of the "witch". then she started to be fearful of most of the cartoon characters including thomas the train.

been trying to explain to her that there's nothing to be fearful about, guess she will need some time to overcome whatever she's afraid of.

she has grown taller. from the "agar-agar" measurement we take @ home, think she's ard 88-89 cm now.

socially, she's still shy @ times. but she's very sharing and would gladly share her toys with others, especially to the younger ones. she has yet (should i hope that she doesn't ?? ;p) to reach the stage where she monopolises toys or snatches toys from others. but she's abit more "assertive" these days. in the past, when she's playing with something and another toddler comes and tries to snatch it from her, she will let go of the toy. these days, she holds on so tightly to the toy that the other party can't take it away from her and she will "run away" from the other party ;p

she's into art and craft these days. love to use the glue and paste things. coloring -- well, let's just say she can focus for a few minutes on coloring. after which, mummy here has to do the coloring for her. she;s likes to draw and is very imaginative -- a few strokes and it can be an aeroplane, crocodile, whatever !! hehehe.

so there, what a busy little toddler we have. so many things happening @ the same time for her!

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