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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

H1N1 vaccine

received the notification last wednesday that Kaira was to be vaccinated against h1n1 today.

so the last few days were busy spent scouring information on the net on the vaccine. having some knowledge of the controversy of the vaccine (presence of mercury) plus the fact that some countries (such as singapore), the vaccine is yet to be approved for children, made me uncertain whether i should send her for it.

on the other hand, with the cold season now, flu is really rampant. and therefore risk of getting h1n1 is higher.

i don't know if i am thinking too much? quite a few of the dutch i know didn't even think of not giving their children their vaccine. but a few of us foreigners were concern (myself, my indian friend and a japanese acquaintance).

it's really a hard decision. cos how does one weigh the risk/benefits without full knowledge anyway?

wellz, after much prayer, i brought her for her vaccination this morning. Thank God she was very cooperative. Didn't whine/wimper at all when the shot was given. Seems like she didn't feel any pain. hopefully she doesn't have any great/adverse reaction to the vaccine ....... shall be monitoring her......

2nd shot, 3 weeks later! and then we will be going home to singapore! and with all the travelling and changes in climate, guess i can have a bit more reassurance she's "relatively safe" from the h1n1 ;9

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