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Saturday, October 03, 2009

WooHoo ... Supermarket Opens every Sunday now!

Cannot believe it when i saw the announcement! Yeah, the supermarket near my place is now open every Sunday from 4pm - 10pm!!!


After enduring one plus year of "nothing opens on Sunday" here, this is like such great news!

ok ok, the Eindhoven city centrum is open on the first sunday of every month and the Woensel winkelcentrum (like the neighbourhood shopping hub)which i patronise is open on the last sunday of every month. So yes, there are sundays when i can go shopping and get necessities should i need to.

But it is definitely so much more convenient now that the supermarket is open every day :) something that i have taken for granted back in hong kong and singapore.

Can u imagine?? me being so happy over the supermarket being open on Sunday!! Goes to show how deprived i am here! hehe.

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