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Sunday, October 25, 2009


yesterday, while out shopping with hubby & kaira, my handbag got stolen!!

my first experience and i hope my last! wished it never happened cos it's not about the $$ lost -- it's the inconvenience of losing my credit cards/debitcards/identity cards and so forth that really stressed me out!

had to go through all the trouble of calling the various banks to cancel my cards, filing a police report etc. it was not just a lost bag. it was a lost day ;(

and how did it happen?

well, i was trying on boots and the bag was on kaira's stroller & hubbie was supposed to keep an eye on it. i guess, with a kid, his eyes were off it for a moment and in a flash, it was gone :(

i had a friend with a similar experience (but thank God for her, she spotted the person trying to take her bag and shouted after him and in a panic, he dropped her bag and dashed off) and was just telling hubbie the other day that we ought to be more careful with our belongings! and haha, my bag was stolen. what a JOKE.

damned pissed with myself. even more pissed with hubbie for dropping the ball!

OK OK, i shouldn't be pissed with him, he had to look after kaira while i tried my shoes on! so i should be more pissed with myself! why did i not carry my own bag huh??

and after the incident, i kept thinking and thinking about it. and the more i think about it, the more upset i got. the more irritated i got.

anyways, nothing i could do, it was gone.

reported to the departmental store security and the guy told me there's nothing he can do. except take down my name and contact number and if he finds it, he will give me a call. and suggested that i go to the police.

thanks very much. that was really helpful!

walked round the departmental store trying to spot my bag (maybe the thief took off with the cash etc and left the rest of contents lying around??) no such luck.

in the meantime, do the very important thing : make phone calls to the banks to cancel/block the cards. That is the single most important thing to do i feel when one loses one's personal effects. make sure all your cards are cancelled/blocked whatever.

K, after that is done. made our way to the police station to file a report.

making our way to the police station, i can't help but "scold" hubbie. he on the other hand was praying.

how holy. surely he will be steps ahead of me, the day that the Lord Jesus returns ... cos i am just so so so so so unGodly especially in times like this. anger and frustration easily got the better of me.

alright, so we reached the central police station. and lucky me, I met the "friendliest" lady police officer there. i hope i never have to step into a police station here in eindhoven ever again.

ok, report filed. nothing i can do now. felt so drained all i wanted to do is go home and "beat" myself up even more for losing my handbag.

reached home and the phone rings.

Wow, security guard from the departmental store called to say he has found my bag.

Praise God. Hubbie's prayer worked!! i was too flustered to pray really. and was so upset that i thought is there any use of a prayer as the bag has already been stolen? God, could you have prevented it in the first place and save me all these heartache!

anywayz, so it was a rush back to the store (cos they close in 30 minutes).

inspected the bag and yup, cash/creditcards/debitcards were missing and kaira's raincoat! aaaargh. why did they take that? that was like my favorite favorite item for kaira :(

security guard told me they found the bag lying on the floor in the handbag section. and reminded me to be more careful in future. U BET!

really thank God that i got almost everything back! and my ID cards etc were all intact. if those were lost would have been very troublesome to get them replaced and what have u.

O, and i am so the very glad the thief did not take my bottega wallet! he/she obviously 不识货!hahaha!that was the single most expensive item in my bag.

and so last nite, i was reflecting on my reaction to the incident.

Felt terribly ashamed actually. The ungodly of ungodlies! sigh. felt like i didn't pass the test that God has set me.

seriously, how does it help the situation that i express anger/frustration to the people around me?? hubbie felt very bad about it already. and really, what's done cannot be undone.

would have been far better if like him, i have stopped for a minute to say a quick prayer to the Lord and leave it in His able hands. and calmly face the situation.

and this experience will only help us -- cos we will be more mindful of our belongings in the future. and that can only be a good thing.

so, why make an unhappy day even unhappier by showing anger/frustration??

i am just very glad that the day is over and hope that i never have to go through such an experience ever again.

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