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Monday, October 05, 2009

大閘蟹 Shanghai Hairy Crabs

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This is the season for the Shanghai Hairy Crabs 大閘蟹. As the name implies, it's a specialty from Shanghai. and even the wikipedia states so.

But recently, i heard from a Chinese friend that the origins of the hairy crab was from the Netherlands!! Yup, right where i am. Although we don't see much of it here cos it's not popular. But it's apparently sold @ the markets (however, may have to ask the fishmonger for it, cos it may not even be prominently displayed).

Next weekend, i shall go to the open market and take a look. see if we can spot any :)

i have tried cooking it at home when we were in hong kong and eating it @ the restaurants too .... honestly, i don't get as much satisfaction out of eating the hairy crab compared to say eating singapore's chili crabs!!! hahaha. maybe cos i am not a "roe" person. and too much of the "roe" can be nauseating sometimes ;p and the crab is a very "skinny crab" ....LOL on top of that, it's not a healthy dish afterall .... imagine all the cholesterol ;p

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