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Monday, October 26, 2009

I hope they do something to improve it!

Drop in public transport share in Singapore: survey

saw this news today.

wonder if there will be any improvement to the sg public transport. those who know me know that the public transport system in singapore is my pet peeve.

if something good comes out of this .... that will be a wonderful thing.

If it doesn't, then we know that some people are definitely sitting in their ivory tower.

my personal philosophy is this. if the public transport network is so good, why would i want to own a car? my 4 years in hong kong, i saw no need for us to own a car.

cannot say the same for our time in singapore! whether in the past when we were living there or in recent years, when we spend at most a couple of months back home each year.

i hope something good comes out this.

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