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Friday, October 16, 2009

Deja Vu

Thursday evening, kaira knocked herself (her mouth actually) against the edge of our dining table whilst climbing up her high chair.

She has been climbing up the chair for a few months now and is quite proficient with it. Alas, that's why it is called an "accident".

Right in front of my eyes, she kind of slipped and knocked her mouth against the edge of the table. Split second. Not enough time for me to shield her from the knock and when i saw the impact, i knew it's going to be a nasty one.

Usually when she knocks herself, i will try not to react and she sometimes cry, sometimes doesn't.

But this time, without a word i quickly picked her up. And was greeted with blood from her mouth!

Again!! Deja Vu

For a moment I felt panic. tried to calm her but she was inconsolable. called hubby who asked me to put sugar on her wound. but she refused to let me do it leh. told hubby to COME HOME NOW (he actually had a dinner appointment, so had to cancel it)

so in the meantime, continue to comfort kaira and try to determine where the wound is .... lips, tongue, teeth, gum??? with her wriggling and crying, really cannot tell how bad the wound is. after like 5 minutes, stopped bleeding. and she wasn't crying that bad. still can't really see the wound cos she's not very cooperative.

and when hubby reached home, she seemed fine. Thank God!!! Just very "manja". She even managed to finish her dinner and ate her fruits.

While she was calmer, can see that her upper lip is wounded. asked her if her mouth was painful and she said "no", so that was good. can see abit of the dried up blood on her lips and she kept touching her lips that night. but she wouldn't let us examine her mounth. so not sure abt her teeth/gum/tongue.

but drank her milk as usual and brushed her teeth as usual. so hopefully all's well.

Really thank God for His protection.

This morning, had the chance to look @ her mouth more clearly. Wellz, can see that a small area of her gum is also bruised.

Hopefully the wound will heal swiftly. Good thing she doesn't feel anything. and is behaving, eating and drinking normally.

If this had happened while she's under another person's care, think i will be quite upset and trying to establish the "why's" and "how to prevent" etc etc. Typical of the corporate type ... trying to find "who to blame"!! hahahaha. No lah, just kidding.

but being her sole caretaker all this while, has been a very humbling process. cos unlike @ work, where i can try to control as much as possible, and minimise mistakes/problems ...... looking after a kid is a totally different ballgame. I must admit that i am pretty hard on myself whenever i make mistakes (whether @ work or looking after her) but in the last 2 years ... i've learned to forgive myself when accidents happen. no matter how vigilant, how careful, a knock here, a slip there .... lots of heartache, yet part and parcel of her learning process.


Thank God He's more omnipresent than I am. And more able to protect her than I can!


The Woos said...

how's Kaira now? Her wound is healing well?

Ms Long said...

Thanks PP for your concern. her wound is 99% healed ! thank God.

her upper lip has a small "white" circle like small ulcer. hope that will go away soon too. :))

Xylia said...


I m from Singapore and i have 2 girls.

I know yr heart will ache but this is part and parcel of life. Don't get too stressed up.

Enjoy being a stay home mum!