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Monday, October 26, 2009

Cannot believe we met a family of pigs today!!

what a weekend. first my handbag was stolen @ the city centre on saturday.

and today, we went to our neighbourhood winkelcentrum and met a family of pigs! *grrrr*

we were circling round the carpark looking for a carpark and cos this is the sunday of the month when the shops are open, there's obviously a crowd and parking lots are limited. many cars were circling round, looking for lots.

after sometime, we spotted a car preparing to come out of their lot and hubbie stopped near the lot and put on his signal lights. and we waited.

as the car came out and we were about to move in, guess what? a car driving in the opposite direction just swerved and parked in the lot! I am like ... *&%$#@@ u cannot see that we are waiting??

k, so hubbie gets off the car and told the driver of the car that we have been waiting for the lot.

the guy simply ignored hubbie and mumbled something like we have been waiting as well (yeah rite ... u were looking for a lot for some time we know, but u were definitely not waiting for THIS lot!) and walked off with his wife and son.

We were apalled! What a piece of shit!!! piece of dutch shit to be precise!

even the passerbys and other car drivers "sympathised" with us ... but so what???

what a fine example he set as a parent!

he obviously knew that we were waiting but he still cut in to take the lot. what kind of a person is that???

i am truly apalled.

honestly, my experience with the dutch the last 1+year though generally civil has been dotted by several unpleasant encounters. this being one of the worst.

i really do not like this place at all. not at all.

O God, what a testing weekend this has been.

I am really very angered by this encounter. at that moment, dear Lord, i do not know how to respond in a Godly manner. My initial reaction was the desire to curse the person -- that the Lord's curse be upon this person. and maybe scratch his car!!! ;p

but tonight as i was praying with little kaira before she slept, the words that the Lord, you have put in my mouth was so different from how i felt. i actually managed to pray for his (and his family's) salvation and pray that he will not exhibit such inconsiderate behaviour to other people in future.

honestly, i am not sure if i really meant it. but the words just flowed as the spirit moves.

this weekend has really been a test of my reaction to unpleasant situations and thus far, it looks like i am going to receive an "F" on my report card! ;(

please forgive me Lord! and Lord, please help me so that i will be a better child of God, a better testimony of your grace and love. by my own strength, it's very difficult cos i am such a sinner! Only by your grace and strength can it be done.


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