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Sunday, October 04, 2009


Saturday 3 Oct was mid autumn's festival 中秋节.

We organised a dinner with a few friends @ home and enjoyed a sumptous dinner. guests were 2 singaporeans and 2 chinese turned singapore PRs with their daughter.

it was nice and warm and so much food that i was stuffed!!! :p although it was cold and very windy outside!! can hear the wind howling throughout the evening.

the spread we had :

(we only remembered to take photos of the food and not the people there!!! how greedy can we get?? LOL)

this year, we had both the snowskin (thanks to our guests) and traditional mooncakes :) i am not really a fan of mooncake but it's nice to have some of it during the festival :) i love the 猪仔 though! but can't get that here ;(

o, and an interesting point to note. the snowskin mooncakes were from Tung Lok (yup, Tung Lok Singapore) and guess what, i think the price of the mooncake is cheaper than those sold in singapore. but we all think the quality ain't that great though ;p a case of lower quality for export purposes? i thought usually the good stuff are exported??

and the traditional mooncakes were from 荣华 the hong kong brand. and they cost a bomb here. think close to double what i would have paid for it in hkg but had to close both eyes lah, since want to eat, must pay lor.

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