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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rich Poor Divide


Although the headlines refers to hong kong, if you read the article, there is mention of Singapore and it is apparently ranked #2 just after hong kong!

is that a surprise?

is this something that is unavoidable as our economy develops? can something be done to address this? will the government recognise this as a "problem" and address it?

will be disappointing if the government tries to "explain" this away (again!)......

Monday, October 26, 2009

I hope they do something to improve it!

Drop in public transport share in Singapore: survey

saw this news today.

wonder if there will be any improvement to the sg public transport. those who know me know that the public transport system in singapore is my pet peeve.

if something good comes out of this .... that will be a wonderful thing.

If it doesn't, then we know that some people are definitely sitting in their ivory tower.

my personal philosophy is this. if the public transport network is so good, why would i want to own a car? my 4 years in hong kong, i saw no need for us to own a car.

cannot say the same for our time in singapore! whether in the past when we were living there or in recent years, when we spend at most a couple of months back home each year.

i hope something good comes out this.

Does one really need to be PC all the time??


Cannot believe we met a family of pigs today!!

what a weekend. first my handbag was stolen @ the city centre on saturday.

and today, we went to our neighbourhood winkelcentrum and met a family of pigs! *grrrr*

we were circling round the carpark looking for a carpark and cos this is the sunday of the month when the shops are open, there's obviously a crowd and parking lots are limited. many cars were circling round, looking for lots.

after sometime, we spotted a car preparing to come out of their lot and hubbie stopped near the lot and put on his signal lights. and we waited.

as the car came out and we were about to move in, guess what? a car driving in the opposite direction just swerved and parked in the lot! I am like ... *&%$#@@ u cannot see that we are waiting??

k, so hubbie gets off the car and told the driver of the car that we have been waiting for the lot.

the guy simply ignored hubbie and mumbled something like we have been waiting as well (yeah rite ... u were looking for a lot for some time we know, but u were definitely not waiting for THIS lot!) and walked off with his wife and son.

We were apalled! What a piece of shit!!! piece of dutch shit to be precise!

even the passerbys and other car drivers "sympathised" with us ... but so what???

what a fine example he set as a parent!

he obviously knew that we were waiting but he still cut in to take the lot. what kind of a person is that???

i am truly apalled.

honestly, my experience with the dutch the last 1+year though generally civil has been dotted by several unpleasant encounters. this being one of the worst.

i really do not like this place at all. not at all.

O God, what a testing weekend this has been.

I am really very angered by this encounter. at that moment, dear Lord, i do not know how to respond in a Godly manner. My initial reaction was the desire to curse the person -- that the Lord's curse be upon this person. and maybe scratch his car!!! ;p

but tonight as i was praying with little kaira before she slept, the words that the Lord, you have put in my mouth was so different from how i felt. i actually managed to pray for his (and his family's) salvation and pray that he will not exhibit such inconsiderate behaviour to other people in future.

honestly, i am not sure if i really meant it. but the words just flowed as the spirit moves.

this weekend has really been a test of my reaction to unpleasant situations and thus far, it looks like i am going to receive an "F" on my report card! ;(

please forgive me Lord! and Lord, please help me so that i will be a better child of God, a better testimony of your grace and love. by my own strength, it's very difficult cos i am such a sinner! Only by your grace and strength can it be done.


Sunday, October 25, 2009


yesterday, while out shopping with hubby & kaira, my handbag got stolen!!

my first experience and i hope my last! wished it never happened cos it's not about the $$ lost -- it's the inconvenience of losing my credit cards/debitcards/identity cards and so forth that really stressed me out!

had to go through all the trouble of calling the various banks to cancel my cards, filing a police report etc. it was not just a lost bag. it was a lost day ;(

and how did it happen?

well, i was trying on boots and the bag was on kaira's stroller & hubbie was supposed to keep an eye on it. i guess, with a kid, his eyes were off it for a moment and in a flash, it was gone :(

i had a friend with a similar experience (but thank God for her, she spotted the person trying to take her bag and shouted after him and in a panic, he dropped her bag and dashed off) and was just telling hubbie the other day that we ought to be more careful with our belongings! and haha, my bag was stolen. what a JOKE.

damned pissed with myself. even more pissed with hubbie for dropping the ball!

OK OK, i shouldn't be pissed with him, he had to look after kaira while i tried my shoes on! so i should be more pissed with myself! why did i not carry my own bag huh??

and after the incident, i kept thinking and thinking about it. and the more i think about it, the more upset i got. the more irritated i got.

anyways, nothing i could do, it was gone.

reported to the departmental store security and the guy told me there's nothing he can do. except take down my name and contact number and if he finds it, he will give me a call. and suggested that i go to the police.

thanks very much. that was really helpful!

walked round the departmental store trying to spot my bag (maybe the thief took off with the cash etc and left the rest of contents lying around??) no such luck.

in the meantime, do the very important thing : make phone calls to the banks to cancel/block the cards. That is the single most important thing to do i feel when one loses one's personal effects. make sure all your cards are cancelled/blocked whatever.

K, after that is done. made our way to the police station to file a report.

making our way to the police station, i can't help but "scold" hubbie. he on the other hand was praying.

how holy. surely he will be steps ahead of me, the day that the Lord Jesus returns ... cos i am just so so so so so unGodly especially in times like this. anger and frustration easily got the better of me.

alright, so we reached the central police station. and lucky me, I met the "friendliest" lady police officer there. i hope i never have to step into a police station here in eindhoven ever again.

ok, report filed. nothing i can do now. felt so drained all i wanted to do is go home and "beat" myself up even more for losing my handbag.

reached home and the phone rings.

Wow, security guard from the departmental store called to say he has found my bag.

Praise God. Hubbie's prayer worked!! i was too flustered to pray really. and was so upset that i thought is there any use of a prayer as the bag has already been stolen? God, could you have prevented it in the first place and save me all these heartache!

anywayz, so it was a rush back to the store (cos they close in 30 minutes).

inspected the bag and yup, cash/creditcards/debitcards were missing and kaira's raincoat! aaaargh. why did they take that? that was like my favorite favorite item for kaira :(

security guard told me they found the bag lying on the floor in the handbag section. and reminded me to be more careful in future. U BET!

really thank God that i got almost everything back! and my ID cards etc were all intact. if those were lost would have been very troublesome to get them replaced and what have u.

O, and i am so the very glad the thief did not take my bottega wallet! he/she obviously 不识货!hahaha!that was the single most expensive item in my bag.

and so last nite, i was reflecting on my reaction to the incident.

Felt terribly ashamed actually. The ungodly of ungodlies! sigh. felt like i didn't pass the test that God has set me.

seriously, how does it help the situation that i express anger/frustration to the people around me?? hubbie felt very bad about it already. and really, what's done cannot be undone.

would have been far better if like him, i have stopped for a minute to say a quick prayer to the Lord and leave it in His able hands. and calmly face the situation.

and this experience will only help us -- cos we will be more mindful of our belongings in the future. and that can only be a good thing.

so, why make an unhappy day even unhappier by showing anger/frustration??

i am just very glad that the day is over and hope that i never have to go through such an experience ever again.

Friday, October 23, 2009


the other nite, hubbie was humming/singing the song 后来 (by 刘若英) and little kaira (or kaininu as she likes to call herself these days) could finish off some of the sentences of the song.

so amused by her. and so amazed by her memory. in fact she can also spout some lyrics from 孙燕姿 songs cos we play them quite often in the car.

kids are amazing sponges aren't they?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Deja Vu

Thursday evening, kaira knocked herself (her mouth actually) against the edge of our dining table whilst climbing up her high chair.

She has been climbing up the chair for a few months now and is quite proficient with it. Alas, that's why it is called an "accident".

Right in front of my eyes, she kind of slipped and knocked her mouth against the edge of the table. Split second. Not enough time for me to shield her from the knock and when i saw the impact, i knew it's going to be a nasty one.

Usually when she knocks herself, i will try not to react and she sometimes cry, sometimes doesn't.

But this time, without a word i quickly picked her up. And was greeted with blood from her mouth!

Again!! Deja Vu

For a moment I felt panic. tried to calm her but she was inconsolable. called hubby who asked me to put sugar on her wound. but she refused to let me do it leh. told hubby to COME HOME NOW (he actually had a dinner appointment, so had to cancel it)

so in the meantime, continue to comfort kaira and try to determine where the wound is .... lips, tongue, teeth, gum??? with her wriggling and crying, really cannot tell how bad the wound is. after like 5 minutes, stopped bleeding. and she wasn't crying that bad. still can't really see the wound cos she's not very cooperative.

and when hubby reached home, she seemed fine. Thank God!!! Just very "manja". She even managed to finish her dinner and ate her fruits.

While she was calmer, can see that her upper lip is wounded. asked her if her mouth was painful and she said "no", so that was good. can see abit of the dried up blood on her lips and she kept touching her lips that night. but she wouldn't let us examine her mounth. so not sure abt her teeth/gum/tongue.

but drank her milk as usual and brushed her teeth as usual. so hopefully all's well.

Really thank God for His protection.

This morning, had the chance to look @ her mouth more clearly. Wellz, can see that a small area of her gum is also bruised.

Hopefully the wound will heal swiftly. Good thing she doesn't feel anything. and is behaving, eating and drinking normally.

If this had happened while she's under another person's care, think i will be quite upset and trying to establish the "why's" and "how to prevent" etc etc. Typical of the corporate type ... trying to find "who to blame"!! hahahaha. No lah, just kidding.

but being her sole caretaker all this while, has been a very humbling process. cos unlike @ work, where i can try to control as much as possible, and minimise mistakes/problems ...... looking after a kid is a totally different ballgame. I must admit that i am pretty hard on myself whenever i make mistakes (whether @ work or looking after her) but in the last 2 years ... i've learned to forgive myself when accidents happen. no matter how vigilant, how careful, a knock here, a slip there .... lots of heartache, yet part and parcel of her learning process.


Thank God He's more omnipresent than I am. And more able to protect her than I can!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Overnight temperatures have dipped below 0 degrees.

Cold Cold Cold!

Thank God on some days, like yesterday and today there's sunshine in the day so it's not that bad!

Really dislike wet, windy and cold days! ;(

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday "Ah Ma"!!!

"Ah Ma"'s birthday is on Sunday, so Kaira has been practising the happy birthday song. More practice needed, but isn't she such a darling? ;)

Happy Birthday Mum!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Kaira's into giving herself nicknames these days.

As i mentioned before, she likes to call herself Kaina. Until today, she doesn't pronounce the "r" sound properly.

So some days she is Kainu. Some days she is Kanina. and Others she's Kaninu.

quite hilarious cos i think they all sound quite awful ....hehehe.

on a separate note, when she see 2 objects, one big and one small e.g. a big dog and a small dog, she will say the big dog is mama and the small dog is kaira. no idea what it signifies to her but very heartwarming when she identifies "me" in her world :)

Monday, October 05, 2009

大閘蟹 Shanghai Hairy Crabs

(pix from

This is the season for the Shanghai Hairy Crabs 大閘蟹. As the name implies, it's a specialty from Shanghai. and even the wikipedia states so.

But recently, i heard from a Chinese friend that the origins of the hairy crab was from the Netherlands!! Yup, right where i am. Although we don't see much of it here cos it's not popular. But it's apparently sold @ the markets (however, may have to ask the fishmonger for it, cos it may not even be prominently displayed).

Next weekend, i shall go to the open market and take a look. see if we can spot any :)

i have tried cooking it at home when we were in hong kong and eating it @ the restaurants too .... honestly, i don't get as much satisfaction out of eating the hairy crab compared to say eating singapore's chili crabs!!! hahaha. maybe cos i am not a "roe" person. and too much of the "roe" can be nauseating sometimes ;p and the crab is a very "skinny crab" ....LOL on top of that, it's not a healthy dish afterall .... imagine all the cholesterol ;p

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Saturday 3 Oct was mid autumn's festival 中秋节.

We organised a dinner with a few friends @ home and enjoyed a sumptous dinner. guests were 2 singaporeans and 2 chinese turned singapore PRs with their daughter.

it was nice and warm and so much food that i was stuffed!!! :p although it was cold and very windy outside!! can hear the wind howling throughout the evening.

the spread we had :

(we only remembered to take photos of the food and not the people there!!! how greedy can we get?? LOL)

this year, we had both the snowskin (thanks to our guests) and traditional mooncakes :) i am not really a fan of mooncake but it's nice to have some of it during the festival :) i love the 猪仔 though! but can't get that here ;(

o, and an interesting point to note. the snowskin mooncakes were from Tung Lok (yup, Tung Lok Singapore) and guess what, i think the price of the mooncake is cheaper than those sold in singapore. but we all think the quality ain't that great though ;p a case of lower quality for export purposes? i thought usually the good stuff are exported??

and the traditional mooncakes were from 荣华 the hong kong brand. and they cost a bomb here. think close to double what i would have paid for it in hkg but had to close both eyes lah, since want to eat, must pay lor.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

WooHoo ... Supermarket Opens every Sunday now!

Cannot believe it when i saw the announcement! Yeah, the supermarket near my place is now open every Sunday from 4pm - 10pm!!!


After enduring one plus year of "nothing opens on Sunday" here, this is like such great news!

ok ok, the Eindhoven city centrum is open on the first sunday of every month and the Woensel winkelcentrum (like the neighbourhood shopping hub)which i patronise is open on the last sunday of every month. So yes, there are sundays when i can go shopping and get necessities should i need to.

But it is definitely so much more convenient now that the supermarket is open every day :) something that i have taken for granted back in hong kong and singapore.

Can u imagine?? me being so happy over the supermarket being open on Sunday!! Goes to show how deprived i am here! hehe.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Kaira's Attempts @ Singing

I think, a better description, would be Kaira's attempts @ reciting the words of the nursery rhymes. =P Can't seem to make out the tune ....

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star