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Thursday, September 10, 2009

We are making improvements....

in terms of potty training.

had a "heart to heart" talk with little kaira on tuesday morning. not sure if she totally understood me, but i just wanted to tell her that i do not like scolding and beating her over the pee/poop on the floor. that i am sorry for losing my temper. that i really am upset/angry cos i can see that she's not even trying to use the potty. told her that learning to use the potty is something that as she grows, she needs to learn. and it is up to her. she can learn now or learn later. i cannot force her. told her i was very tired after 1 week and if she thinks she doesn't want to try, then we will stop.

Amazingly on tuesday, she really tried her best to pee and poop in the potty. she managed to pee 2x in the potty and poop as well. we were both happier.

on wednesday, i brought her to the playgroup which has resumed (we haven't been going cos it was closed for the summer vacation). maybe because the whole morning she wasn't reminded abt the potty, she had her accidents again. but after various reminders, she finally peed in the potty after dinner.

thursday she made very good progress. she will try to take off the pants before peeing. sometimes she will say "pee coming out" so that i can help her with taking off the pants and getting seated on the potty. all in, we only had 2 accidents on thursday! that's really a very very very good improvement! i am so so so proud of her.

the stickers i gave her as rewards also help. (p.s Peipei -- i used those stickers that you bought for me in sg as rewards!! must thank you for the cute stickers, she loves them!!!)

but i think she's still learning to identify the "want to pee" sensation, cos she can sometimes sit a while, get up, play, then go back and sit on the potty, keep time telling me, pee coming out. but actually only peeing after a few tries.

but whatever it is, i am so very thrilled by today's progress and so was she! i can tell that she's very pleased with herself each time after she pees in the potty. :) hopefully, she continues to try so hard every day ....... there will be accidents but i am very encouraged that she's trying. that makes all the difference to me.

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