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Monday, September 28, 2009

Potty Training Updates

Picture speaks a thousand words.

Since the last update on 10th Sep, she has been very cooperative in terms of peeing in the potty @ home. she gets star stickers and fish stickers for doing it rite and she loves sticking her stickers onto the page :)

There are accidents here and there, but can safely say that 90% of the time, she makes it to the potty in time :) I have been trying to get her to take off her pants, but most of the time, she prefers me to do it for her. And since her peeing can take place @ the most inconvenient times, like when i am cooking, it gives a new meaning to multi-tasking!!! LOL.

Now, pooing in the potty, is a different story all together. I thought pooing in the potty is supposed to be easier to train than peeing!??!!

Initially, that was the case, after a few days, she managed to poo in the potty all by herself! i.e taking off her pants, sitting and waiting for the poop. then running to me to tell me she has pooed! (cos i was in the kitchen cooking). so i thot, wow, that's not too difficult! (compared to the peeing part that is.)

how wrong.

the very next day, she suddenly developed a fear of pooing in the potty!! no idea why and how it came about. she cries when she feels like she's going to poop. and refuses to sit on the potty! oh-oh. no matter how i reassure her, what special stickers i promise to reward her if she poops in the potty, she doesn't want to and cries so pitifully! very poor thing. then to avoid the issue altogether, she kind of withheld her poo for a few days. really worsens the matter isn't it??!! cos she's the kind that poos daily, and when she doesn't do that, runs risk of constipation...haizzz, making matters worse.

being her full time caretaker is really such a challenge. i wish i can "outsource" this problem to others!!

so i became a broken record and every day reminding her that she has to poop everyday and that it is a good thing. that poop is food that her body doesn't need, that's why it has to come out of her "bum bum" ;p that she does not need to fear.

so for one week, she was really crying pitifully every time she poops! it was also difficult to get her to sit on the potty, cos she will be struggling. so yup, it was a week of cleaning poop off the floor, off her pants and what have you. TOUGH. plus dealing with her crying.

i also had to modify her diet slightly to ensure that she's not constipated.

and when she poops, i get her to say "bye bye" to the poo and we flush it down the toilet bowl together, and reward her with special bear stickers if we manage to get ANY/SOME poop into the potty!! (she gets star stickers for pee-pee in the potty). and of course praise her.

then in the second week, it got abit better. she still cries when she feels like her poop is coming, but it was for a shorter time. and at least, with some force on my part, she will stay seated on the potty and the poop goes there (instead of everywhere!) and she will willingly say bye bye to th poop and flush it down the toilet bowl.

and today, she finally pooped in the potty, all by herself! no crying, no fussing. took off her pants herself and did her business.

I hope it continues that way tomorrow and every day in the future! and that it is not a one-off thingy like the last time.

O, and last week, we went shopping to buy underpants for her...she was really excited...hehehe. cos the character, Molly Matthews, in the book "Big Girls Use the Potty" which she has been reading also has very nice underpants cos she uses the potty!!

kaira loves her new panties to bits, especially the one with the flower prints :), and she says she's Molly Matthews! hahaha. very funny.

I like the book "Big Girls Use the Potty" cos it came enclosed with stickers and the star chart (as in the picture above) and Molly Matthews is a "real" gal not a cartoon drawing. I think this book works better for kaira than the other one i bought her, "A Potty For Me", an illustrated book.

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