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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Potty Training

It is not going well. It is driving me nuts. She's resisting it. And we are not making any progress at all.

Not responding to rewards.
not responding to scolding
Not responding to encouragement
Not responding to beating.

In short, she just doesn't want to pee or poo in the potty.

In fact, on many occassions, i get her to sit on the potty and after a long time, she insists she wants to wear her pants and in seconds, her pants are wet. And today, after she wet her pants, i asked her whether she preferred to pee in her pants and she answered YES. o God, what is this???

I feel like stopping. yet, i am reluctant to yield in case it gets harder in future?? or will it get easier?? it's like a 50-50 chance. so how now brown cow??

i wished i hadn't started on this potty training thing. but i guess, i have to "Face" it sooner or later?? she's traumatised and so am I.

I try so hard to be encouraging. and to entice her with rewards. and heap her with praise. After 1 week, she managed to pee the grand total of 1X in the potty and poo 1X in the potty!!! how helpful is that??? she knows we are very happy when she does it. but she doesn't want to repeat it :( :( :(

And more often than not, she pees rite after getting up from the potty -- that is what makes me lose my cool. And end up, I scream and shout at her. Beat her. But to no avail. In fact, she cries when i beat her. but the moment i turn away, she stops crying and starts to play. obviously, she's not afraid of the beating!!! *hmmmmph*

The last one week hasn't been a "happy" week for us. I am not sure how long it will take before we see some progress :( :(

I was so angry today, i told her that i will beat her every time she pees in her pants. i know i shouldn't do it. but anger, got the better of me. i so absolutely hate this phase.

She has been such a "easy" toddler that i am really unprepared for this "challenge". Even her most "difficult to feed phase" is peanuts compared to this. :( :(

i know there is the option of taking a break. let's see how things go this week....


Gohfamily said...

She's probably not ready yet. The more you force her, the more she rebels. Maybe you should take a break and try again a month later or so. Don't let her develop a negative feelings towards potty training :)

Meow >^..^< Meow said...

don't fret! don't beat.
potty training takes time n lots of patience.
C is the same - potty rejection - will scream and run away each time i ask if she wana sit & poo. she'd rather STAND to poo.
give K a break n start again when both of you are in a much happy mood.

Ms Long said...

thanks thanks ladies!

yup yup, will give it a try for another week or so, and if it doesn't work out, will take a break.

Jia You indeed.

The Woos said...

Don't worry, Trisha almost 3 and not potty trained yet. She also did the same, sat on potty and don't pee, but pee right after I put her panties on. how frustrating can that be!!

take a break and try again a month later. Good luck!

Ms Long said...

PP, very frustrating indeed! totally understand.

i will try again for a week or so, then c how to proceed.

actually, i don't mind potty training her later... but i am abit "pressurised" cos the international nursery school here, altho they accept kids fr 2.5 years old, the kids must be fully potty trained before they can attend school.

as i hope to have THE OPTION of sending her to the int'l school, i hope she can be potty trained by then. else, i have no other choice except the dutch preschool.

i actually dun mind sending her to the dutch preschool, just that being the kiasu singaporean, i want to keep my options OPEN... =P