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Saturday, September 19, 2009

How long will they last?

my newly acquired herbs -- oregano, basil & peppermint.

OK, the peppermint has lasted for 2 weeks now, so that's not too bad!

just got the basil & oregano today.

From what i found on the internet, they seem to require more care than the peppermint plant ;p hmmmm, wonder how long will they last under my "not so green fingers"!!

and i didn't purposely buy these plants OK, i got them free from the butcher's that i patronise. They were having a promotion.

and thanks to them, i discovered how nice fresh peppermint tea tastes! :) never liked peppermint tea in the past cos whenever i tried it, it reminds me of colgate =P not my cup of tea really. but since i didn't have much use for the peppermint leaves, i decided to make myself a cup of peppermint tea the other day and wow, it's lekker (dutch for delicious)!! see, the "old dog" can learn "new tricks" afterall...hehehe

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