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Sunday, September 06, 2009


Today we had planned to visit Lille (France) as there's a mega flea market event this weekend. but we were a little late in our timings -- the travel time by car is ard 2.5 hrs. add to it, the fact that today we cannot drive directly into the city centre because of the event and must park further out and take the public tranport into the city, with a toddler in tow, i think we will have to take abt 3 hrs to reach. Maybe more, since we don't know the traffic conditions. Plus pit stops for lunch etc.... so we decided to skip it (hopefully we make it there next year!). we should hv planned to get out earlier since this was going to be a day trip, but u know lah, with a toddler, sometimes timing just goes haywire ;)

so, we decided instead, to visit Giethoorn, which is also known as the "Venice" of the Netherlands.

It is a nice & quaint little town. But i think the term "Venice of the Netherlands" kind of misled me.......misled me to compare it with Venice that is! I shouldn't. Cos if i thnk that i am going to a place that resembles Venice, then, i will be disappointed. It's not at all like Venice. Errr, except for the waterways i suppose. Maybe that's why they call it "Venice of the Netherlands".

It has its own quiet charm and tranquility. The houses retain their thatched roofs, making them very unique and pretty. And if we had visited Giethoorn earlier, i think it will look even more charming with flowers in full bloom. Now, some of the plants are abit dried up ;) Walking along the waterways is a very relaxing affair and one can simply cross to the other side of the bank where they may be a pottery, or a souvenir shop. Very nice to simply walk and explore the place. Of course, take a canal tour -- which we didn't .... didn't want to risk kaira wanting to jump into the waterway which she was already wanting to do while walking along the banks. *faints* She kept saying "splash splash".... **shakes head*8 ;p

As the weather was relatively good today (although abit windy!), we spent quite abit of our time sitting out @ the terrace, having a drink and enjoying the singing!

There are vacation homes and a holiday park -- a good idea we thought, to maybe spend a long weekend (or even longer i don't know) here in future ;)

This will definitely be a place where we bring visitors to visit! Unfortunately it's a 2-hour drive from our place, else we will definitely visit it more often :) See, its nearer for us to drive to Dusseldorf in germany than another part of the Netherlands ;p

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