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Monday, September 28, 2009

Potty Training Updates

Picture speaks a thousand words.

Since the last update on 10th Sep, she has been very cooperative in terms of peeing in the potty @ home. she gets star stickers and fish stickers for doing it rite and she loves sticking her stickers onto the page :)

There are accidents here and there, but can safely say that 90% of the time, she makes it to the potty in time :) I have been trying to get her to take off her pants, but most of the time, she prefers me to do it for her. And since her peeing can take place @ the most inconvenient times, like when i am cooking, it gives a new meaning to multi-tasking!!! LOL.

Now, pooing in the potty, is a different story all together. I thought pooing in the potty is supposed to be easier to train than peeing!??!!

Initially, that was the case, after a few days, she managed to poo in the potty all by herself! i.e taking off her pants, sitting and waiting for the poop. then running to me to tell me she has pooed! (cos i was in the kitchen cooking). so i thot, wow, that's not too difficult! (compared to the peeing part that is.)

how wrong.

the very next day, she suddenly developed a fear of pooing in the potty!! no idea why and how it came about. she cries when she feels like she's going to poop. and refuses to sit on the potty! oh-oh. no matter how i reassure her, what special stickers i promise to reward her if she poops in the potty, she doesn't want to and cries so pitifully! very poor thing. then to avoid the issue altogether, she kind of withheld her poo for a few days. really worsens the matter isn't it??!! cos she's the kind that poos daily, and when she doesn't do that, runs risk of constipation...haizzz, making matters worse.

being her full time caretaker is really such a challenge. i wish i can "outsource" this problem to others!!

so i became a broken record and every day reminding her that she has to poop everyday and that it is a good thing. that poop is food that her body doesn't need, that's why it has to come out of her "bum bum" ;p that she does not need to fear.

so for one week, she was really crying pitifully every time she poops! it was also difficult to get her to sit on the potty, cos she will be struggling. so yup, it was a week of cleaning poop off the floor, off her pants and what have you. TOUGH. plus dealing with her crying.

i also had to modify her diet slightly to ensure that she's not constipated.

and when she poops, i get her to say "bye bye" to the poo and we flush it down the toilet bowl together, and reward her with special bear stickers if we manage to get ANY/SOME poop into the potty!! (she gets star stickers for pee-pee in the potty). and of course praise her.

then in the second week, it got abit better. she still cries when she feels like her poop is coming, but it was for a shorter time. and at least, with some force on my part, she will stay seated on the potty and the poop goes there (instead of everywhere!) and she will willingly say bye bye to th poop and flush it down the toilet bowl.

and today, she finally pooped in the potty, all by herself! no crying, no fussing. took off her pants herself and did her business.

I hope it continues that way tomorrow and every day in the future! and that it is not a one-off thingy like the last time.

O, and last week, we went shopping to buy underpants for her...she was really excited...hehehe. cos the character, Molly Matthews, in the book "Big Girls Use the Potty" which she has been reading also has very nice underpants cos she uses the potty!!

kaira loves her new panties to bits, especially the one with the flower prints :), and she says she's Molly Matthews! hahaha. very funny.

I like the book "Big Girls Use the Potty" cos it came enclosed with stickers and the star chart (as in the picture above) and Molly Matthews is a "real" gal not a cartoon drawing. I think this book works better for kaira than the other one i bought her, "A Potty For Me", an illustrated book.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting Ready for the Cold

Bought a new pair of "house shoes" for little kaira this week. Winter's coming, so we need to keep her little feet warm even @ home :)

They look so sweet and cute!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lazy saturday

We were tired after consecutive weekends of visiting other towns. So we decided to stay in eindhoven today.

Whiled away some time @ the playground with little kaira :)

一二三, one two three

been wanting to capture a video of kaira counting for the longest time.... but always forget! finally managed to catch her in action .... counting in her "ang moh"-nised chinese.....

the english version :

Saturday, September 19, 2009

How long will they last?

my newly acquired herbs -- oregano, basil & peppermint.

OK, the peppermint has lasted for 2 weeks now, so that's not too bad!

just got the basil & oregano today.

From what i found on the internet, they seem to require more care than the peppermint plant ;p hmmmm, wonder how long will they last under my "not so green fingers"!!

and i didn't purposely buy these plants OK, i got them free from the butcher's that i patronise. They were having a promotion.

and thanks to them, i discovered how nice fresh peppermint tea tastes! :) never liked peppermint tea in the past cos whenever i tried it, it reminds me of colgate =P not my cup of tea really. but since i didn't have much use for the peppermint leaves, i decided to make myself a cup of peppermint tea the other day and wow, it's lekker (dutch for delicious)!! see, the "old dog" can learn "new tricks" afterall...hehehe

Friday, September 18, 2009


....因为我骑自行车的速度比这里一些阿婆,阿公还慢呀!! ;p

Kaira's New Fringe

above pix, she's trying to do a "笑嘻嘻"

think i did a not too bad job here with her fringe ya? :) hehehe

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Say In English Please

That was what she said when her Papa spoke to her in Chinese recently.


i hope the day does not come when she says to me "Say in Dutch please"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We are making improvements....

in terms of potty training.

had a "heart to heart" talk with little kaira on tuesday morning. not sure if she totally understood me, but i just wanted to tell her that i do not like scolding and beating her over the pee/poop on the floor. that i am sorry for losing my temper. that i really am upset/angry cos i can see that she's not even trying to use the potty. told her that learning to use the potty is something that as she grows, she needs to learn. and it is up to her. she can learn now or learn later. i cannot force her. told her i was very tired after 1 week and if she thinks she doesn't want to try, then we will stop.

Amazingly on tuesday, she really tried her best to pee and poop in the potty. she managed to pee 2x in the potty and poop as well. we were both happier.

on wednesday, i brought her to the playgroup which has resumed (we haven't been going cos it was closed for the summer vacation). maybe because the whole morning she wasn't reminded abt the potty, she had her accidents again. but after various reminders, she finally peed in the potty after dinner.

thursday she made very good progress. she will try to take off the pants before peeing. sometimes she will say "pee coming out" so that i can help her with taking off the pants and getting seated on the potty. all in, we only had 2 accidents on thursday! that's really a very very very good improvement! i am so so so proud of her.

the stickers i gave her as rewards also help. (p.s Peipei -- i used those stickers that you bought for me in sg as rewards!! must thank you for the cute stickers, she loves them!!!)

but i think she's still learning to identify the "want to pee" sensation, cos she can sometimes sit a while, get up, play, then go back and sit on the potty, keep time telling me, pee coming out. but actually only peeing after a few tries.

but whatever it is, i am so very thrilled by today's progress and so was she! i can tell that she's very pleased with herself each time after she pees in the potty. :) hopefully, she continues to try so hard every day ....... there will be accidents but i am very encouraged that she's trying. that makes all the difference to me.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Potty Training

It is not going well. It is driving me nuts. She's resisting it. And we are not making any progress at all.

Not responding to rewards.
not responding to scolding
Not responding to encouragement
Not responding to beating.

In short, she just doesn't want to pee or poo in the potty.

In fact, on many occassions, i get her to sit on the potty and after a long time, she insists she wants to wear her pants and in seconds, her pants are wet. And today, after she wet her pants, i asked her whether she preferred to pee in her pants and she answered YES. o God, what is this???

I feel like stopping. yet, i am reluctant to yield in case it gets harder in future?? or will it get easier?? it's like a 50-50 chance. so how now brown cow??

i wished i hadn't started on this potty training thing. but i guess, i have to "Face" it sooner or later?? she's traumatised and so am I.

I try so hard to be encouraging. and to entice her with rewards. and heap her with praise. After 1 week, she managed to pee the grand total of 1X in the potty and poo 1X in the potty!!! how helpful is that??? she knows we are very happy when she does it. but she doesn't want to repeat it :( :( :(

And more often than not, she pees rite after getting up from the potty -- that is what makes me lose my cool. And end up, I scream and shout at her. Beat her. But to no avail. In fact, she cries when i beat her. but the moment i turn away, she stops crying and starts to play. obviously, she's not afraid of the beating!!! *hmmmmph*

The last one week hasn't been a "happy" week for us. I am not sure how long it will take before we see some progress :( :(

I was so angry today, i told her that i will beat her every time she pees in her pants. i know i shouldn't do it. but anger, got the better of me. i so absolutely hate this phase.

She has been such a "easy" toddler that i am really unprepared for this "challenge". Even her most "difficult to feed phase" is peanuts compared to this. :( :(

i know there is the option of taking a break. let's see how things go this week....

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Today we had planned to visit Lille (France) as there's a mega flea market event this weekend. but we were a little late in our timings -- the travel time by car is ard 2.5 hrs. add to it, the fact that today we cannot drive directly into the city centre because of the event and must park further out and take the public tranport into the city, with a toddler in tow, i think we will have to take abt 3 hrs to reach. Maybe more, since we don't know the traffic conditions. Plus pit stops for lunch etc.... so we decided to skip it (hopefully we make it there next year!). we should hv planned to get out earlier since this was going to be a day trip, but u know lah, with a toddler, sometimes timing just goes haywire ;)

so, we decided instead, to visit Giethoorn, which is also known as the "Venice" of the Netherlands.

It is a nice & quaint little town. But i think the term "Venice of the Netherlands" kind of misled me.......misled me to compare it with Venice that is! I shouldn't. Cos if i thnk that i am going to a place that resembles Venice, then, i will be disappointed. It's not at all like Venice. Errr, except for the waterways i suppose. Maybe that's why they call it "Venice of the Netherlands".

It has its own quiet charm and tranquility. The houses retain their thatched roofs, making them very unique and pretty. And if we had visited Giethoorn earlier, i think it will look even more charming with flowers in full bloom. Now, some of the plants are abit dried up ;) Walking along the waterways is a very relaxing affair and one can simply cross to the other side of the bank where they may be a pottery, or a souvenir shop. Very nice to simply walk and explore the place. Of course, take a canal tour -- which we didn't .... didn't want to risk kaira wanting to jump into the waterway which she was already wanting to do while walking along the banks. *faints* She kept saying "splash splash".... **shakes head*8 ;p

As the weather was relatively good today (although abit windy!), we spent quite abit of our time sitting out @ the terrace, having a drink and enjoying the singing!

There are vacation homes and a holiday park -- a good idea we thought, to maybe spend a long weekend (or even longer i don't know) here in future ;)

This will definitely be a place where we bring visitors to visit! Unfortunately it's a 2-hour drive from our place, else we will definitely visit it more often :) See, its nearer for us to drive to Dusseldorf in germany than another part of the Netherlands ;p