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Friday, August 21, 2009

What's Next @ 21 months?

These days, i am always very tickled by kaira's speech.

she's trying to speak in longer sentences and also learning to express herself more. here are some examples :

- kaira help pack pack.
- play with 妹妹. 妹妹 happy.
- mama sit that one.
- sit together mummy
- raisins nice.
- don't want hold hands. kaira walk self.

altho she's missing her prepositions and they are not properly constructed, it's really nice to be able to have a "conversation" with her some times! i guess soon, with our guidance, she will speak better!

actually now, only me and her papa understands what she's saying. the people around usually "catch no ball".... kekeke....

and these few days, often times she will be too excited in wanting to express herself that she stutters.... i have to remind her to slow down when she wants to talk. hope it's just a phase.

after lunch today, she's sitting @ her table eating apple. talking to herself and suddenly i heard :

kaira go park morning. come home. what's next?

it really tickled me, cos i am surprised she said "what's next" -- i have no idea how she picked up the phrase "what's next" and am not sure if she really understood the meaning? but when i replied " play for a while, then take a nap", she smiled....seemingly indicating that it's an answer she expects?? blows my mind.

about 2 weeks ago, she started on the "What's this" phrase. every new thing she sees, she goes "what's this". very amusing now. i hope i don't get tired answering this question! ha. she's also beginning to use the phrase "Where's xxxx" alot. every time she cannot find something, she goes "where's xxxx" and if she can't find it, it will be "mummy help".

she's really so sweet these days....

when i am busy in the kitchen, she will usually (obviously it's too much to expect her to be cooperative all the time ! hehe) play on her own. occassionally she comes into the kitchen and proclaims "mummy busy. mummy finish, play with kaira" then she goes off. when's she playing with other children, she's usually very "giving" and will share her toys. she doesn't fuss when other's snatch her toys away....she just finds another to play with. when it's something that she really likes, she will hold on so tight to the toy, that there were times the other party goes away crying for help....kekeke. she loves to "sayang" 妹妹 whom she sees on a regular basis(my friend's daughter who's 8 months younger).

i hope she stays this sweeeeet!! shoo the terrible 2s away!! kekekeke.

she's 21 months old today. :) :) cannot believe that my baby is going to be 2 in 3 months time!!!

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