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Monday, August 24, 2009

A Surprise Blessing!

Received a package from far far away singapore this noon!

When i opened it and saw the snacks galore inside, i almost cried!!! Whahahaha.....felt like a child opening up her christmas present! so excited and overjoyed :) :)

and i have such a thoughtful friend in eleanor (whom we met earlier this month in amsterdam and that trip, she has already blessed me with so much goodies from singapore!), she even wrote a note for most of the stuff! Thank you Lord for such a sister!!!!

can't help but have a warm fuzzy feeling reading the notes and of course, when i am eating the snacks, will feel even warmer!!! hehehehe.

and 2 english christian books!! o woah, how did she know there's a dearth of such treasures here?? ;)

i am really very touched by her act of kindness. for thinking of us. thanks once again sister!

goodies galore! (2 items missing -- the mee sua cos in my excitement, i missed it! and the packet of calbee prawn crackers...cos the package burst while in transit .... but i ijust had to eat it, so i had some "lao hong" prawn crackers....hahaha)

kaira's first target -- the bottle of "sng muay" (preserved plums)

complete with a NTUC plastic bag!! i lurrrrve it. i do need plastic bags here :) errr, if u r wondering what is the envelope doing in the pix ...... it's to censor certain sensitive information written on the note lah! ;p kekekeke

these are the fuzzzy-warm-feeling "evokers" .... :)

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