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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Singapore Goodies Day!!!

we went to amsterdam again on saturday and it was a day of blessings from old and new friends!!

let's talk abt the new first! So glad to catch up with lawrence one last time before he returns to singapore for good end of august! (his wife peipei and daughter trisha has already gone home). and of course, so glad too to receive the items that he has so kindly helped to carry back from singapore :) including milk bottle cleanser!! that is like so "in time" cos am down to my last pack now. (yep, they don't sell milk bottle cleanser here.)

and now to the old.
eleanor, whom i have not seen in yearsssss (and i mean double digit years!!!), but reconnected via facebook recently, was in amsterdam for a business trip!! had had to meet her ...... to catch up on the "lost years" since TOUCH NUS days....kekeke.

come to think of it, she has the privilege of being the first friend from singapore to "visit" us leh!!!!!

it was indeed good....brought back so many memories and of course more goodies from home -- bak kwa and kaya and a biscuit from the "good old days" for little kaira!

err, think the parents will be eating more of them .... kekekeke.

on a separate note, our trip today coincided with the Gay Pride Parade in Amsterdam -- so we got a chance to be "part" of the festivities ....err, although only as passerbys! ;) the action hasn't really started when we were there in the afternoon....

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