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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Leuven, Belgium

We drove to Leuven, a belgian city, today. Drive was excellent (under 1.5hrs) and we passed through some country side and it was really an enjoyable change from the expressways!

And what a lovely day it was. bright and sunny, yet cool in the morning (can't the same when we reached home in the afternoon! it was really hot hot hot!).

And this weekend happens to be the MarktRock Festival there which i supposed meant music & beer aplenty ... which explains why the whole town was "asleep" when we reached there ard 1045am. in fact, it was still "sleeping" by the time we left! think everyone's recovering from the partying the night before and conserving energy for more partying tonite!!! but err, guess the partying's not for us ;)

so the shops were closed. a real pity cos i could do with some retail therapy! only eateries were open.

had a pleasant walk around the town, nice leisurely lunch before heading home!
this was the main town attraction :

The magnificent town hall built in Brabantine Late Gothic Style between 1448 and 1469. That makes it over 500 years old! Wow. It's famous for its ornate architecture, crafted in lace-like detail. And 3 architects oversaw its construction. It's really beautiful. (our photo taking skills doesn't do any justice to it....kekeke).

Other photos here :

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