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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kaira's new toys

Got her a set of lego blocks and a tricycle the last week.

I wasn't expecting her to show alot of interest in the lego blocks as she hardly shows any interest in them during sunday school. But she surprised me cos she loves them! she can play on her own for quite an extended period of time. i hesitated buying the lego blocks earlier but as it was on offer, i decided to buy it. And seeing how engrossed she is with them, wished i had bought them earlier!!

As for the tricycle, when i bring her cycling, she always wants to step on the pedals of my bike. and so i thought, maybe she's "ready" for her own tricycle.

But, think her legs still abit too short to pedal properly....hehehe...good thing this comes with the rod behind ...can push her around and bring her to the park in it.

she's still giving me this expression whenever i ask her to smile!!

1 comment:

Geotacs said...

how interesting it is to find a Singaporean living and blogging in the Netherlands!

love the second picture the best!

looks like she's enjoying many new found toys!

yeah the push rod is a help to push her around but once she can pedal... heh heh it may come in handy too to make sure she doesn't go too fast and too far

cheers from Singapore!