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Sunday, August 16, 2009

热,!Hot! Atsui!

Saturday was a very excellent day cos it was quite fact, i would dare say it was HOT! =)

this summer has been wonderful compared to our last (and very first!) summer here =P

most of the time it's warm, sunny and breezy. of course it rains alot here as well. but as long as it's not the prolonged kind of rain, i am not complaining!!!

this kind of summer weather does make me want to live in europe for a few more years....hehehehe....if i can withstand the cold winter... LOL.

my first summer experience was so "terrible" that i truly truly appreciate the weather this summer!!

and it's kind of sad that summer is drawing to an end .....which means that winter is nearing! aaargh !!! hopefully i adapt better to winter this year.

On the bright side, we have already booked our tickets to go back to HOT HOT Singapore on 18 Dec. kekekeke - so I can avoid the cold winter!!! =P

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