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Monday, August 31, 2009

Eventful Weekend!

What did we do? Had our Asian Fix this weekend ...hehehe.

First, a visit to 2 japanese supermarkets in Dusseldorf followed by an authentic japanese dinner on Saturday. This is our second trip to Dusseldorf, and i think only the start of many to come!

I dunno why, but this half day trip really "rejuvenated" me.... felt very happy buying my bottles of Kirin Afternoon Milk Tea! Although it's the "normal" not the "special" ones, but "no prawn fish also good" if u know what i mean ! ;)

and i felt like a kid in the candy store when i was @ the japanese supermarket.... heart palpitating, hands wanting to grab everything. LOLOLOL. makes me miss CitySuper (supermarket in hkg) suddenly. cos although the japanese supermarket is relatively well stocked, it was small and quite cramp. not the authentic japanese supermarket experience. hahaha.... where the aisles are wide, and everything displayed so prettily which citysuper managed to emulate so well :)

so, what i cannot get in eindhoven, the consolation is that it's at most 1 1/4 hr drive away in germany! the "good" thing about living down south ;)

Next, we went to a lunch gathering organised by the Singapore Netherlands Association on Sunday. Our first time to such a gathering and our attempt to connect with more singaporeans here in the netherlands :)

Overall a pleasant time. It was a long lunch, almost 4 hours and grateful that the little one wasn't too difficult or got too cranky! hehehe.

No singaporean cuisine though ... Chinese fare instead! also good, haven't had a meal in a chinese restaurant in a long time!

we were quite occupied talking to new friends and keeping our gal occupied that we didn't take any photograph. ;p

after lunch, we went to the Delft city centre to take alook. Its sunday and most shops are closed. but since we were already in the vicinity, we decided to just visit it! and good thing we did, cos as u can see, Papa was happy to discover that there's kind of a "beer festival" going on.

had always wanted to get a delft blue, but didn't manage to get one today. was abit tired to look around and anyway, only the very touristy shops were open. maybe the next time.

other photos here :