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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Bibliotheek Eindhoven

The central library that is.

Been wanting to bring kaira there to see what's the english collection is like for toddlers. The neighbourhood library near our place is really very small. Was hoping that the central library will be different.

Well, i was disappointed. The library itself is decent, spacious, has a cafe and not too crowded. And kaira had fun walking up and down the stairs there.... hehe.

The english collection for toddlers, was a pathetic "less than half a shelf"!! Hmmmm....guess i have to continue buying english books from amazon for her! There were some chinese books as well, but didn't seem suitable for her age....probably for older kids.

I have yet to check out the english selection for adults. Was too disappointed today... went off very soon after selecting 3 books for her. Good thing I took up membership for her only (which is free) cos for adults, have to pay an annual fee.

One of the not so positive things i suppose about living here ;(

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