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Friday, August 28, 2009

3 wet pants in 2 hours! why does she have so much pee?? ;)

anywayz, i was inspired today cos i met a new friend @ a playdate whose daughter is turning 2 next month and is kind of toilet-trained already. At least in the day! she said she took about 1 month and started a couple of months back. which means that she started when the gal was around kaira's age now.

hmmmmm, i have not been keen on potty training ... as i really do not fancy cleaning up the mess .... kekeke....but i was inspired today, so decided to try after coming home from the playdate. and also thinking that maybe i should start now while the weather is still OK, not too cold. hopefully by the time it gets really cool, she will be toilet-trained already!

but haha, not too a good a start isn't it? 3 wet pants in 2 hours. *bleah*


Grace said...

so do we start them diaperless? i'm trying to get Eliza started on potty training too. but she doesn't want to sit on potty 70% of the time & wants her diapers on :S

jiayous!! we'll get thru this!

Ms Long said...

skye, i just took off her diapers and let her run around in her shorts/tights/pants whatever i can find! hehehe.

jiayou indeed! i already feel like giving up =P kekeke