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Monday, August 31, 2009

Eventful Weekend!

What did we do? Had our Asian Fix this weekend ...hehehe.

First, a visit to 2 japanese supermarkets in Dusseldorf followed by an authentic japanese dinner on Saturday. This is our second trip to Dusseldorf, and i think only the start of many to come!

I dunno why, but this half day trip really "rejuvenated" me.... felt very happy buying my bottles of Kirin Afternoon Milk Tea! Although it's the "normal" not the "special" ones, but "no prawn fish also good" if u know what i mean ! ;)

and i felt like a kid in the candy store when i was @ the japanese supermarket.... heart palpitating, hands wanting to grab everything. LOLOLOL. makes me miss CitySuper (supermarket in hkg) suddenly. cos although the japanese supermarket is relatively well stocked, it was small and quite cramp. not the authentic japanese supermarket experience. hahaha.... where the aisles are wide, and everything displayed so prettily which citysuper managed to emulate so well :)

so, what i cannot get in eindhoven, the consolation is that it's at most 1 1/4 hr drive away in germany! the "good" thing about living down south ;)

Next, we went to a lunch gathering organised by the Singapore Netherlands Association on Sunday. Our first time to such a gathering and our attempt to connect with more singaporeans here in the netherlands :)

Overall a pleasant time. It was a long lunch, almost 4 hours and grateful that the little one wasn't too difficult or got too cranky! hehehe.

No singaporean cuisine though ... Chinese fare instead! also good, haven't had a meal in a chinese restaurant in a long time!

we were quite occupied talking to new friends and keeping our gal occupied that we didn't take any photograph. ;p

after lunch, we went to the Delft city centre to take alook. Its sunday and most shops are closed. but since we were already in the vicinity, we decided to just visit it! and good thing we did, cos as u can see, Papa was happy to discover that there's kind of a "beer festival" going on.

had always wanted to get a delft blue, but didn't manage to get one today. was abit tired to look around and anyway, only the very touristy shops were open. maybe the next time.

other photos here :

Friday, August 28, 2009

3 wet pants in 2 hours! why does she have so much pee?? ;)

anywayz, i was inspired today cos i met a new friend @ a playdate whose daughter is turning 2 next month and is kind of toilet-trained already. At least in the day! she said she took about 1 month and started a couple of months back. which means that she started when the gal was around kaira's age now.

hmmmmm, i have not been keen on potty training ... as i really do not fancy cleaning up the mess .... kekeke....but i was inspired today, so decided to try after coming home from the playdate. and also thinking that maybe i should start now while the weather is still OK, not too cold. hopefully by the time it gets really cool, she will be toilet-trained already!

but haha, not too a good a start isn't it? 3 wet pants in 2 hours. *bleah*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kaira's New Friend.

and this is kaira with Money, my friend's dog. his name is Money and is a very gentle and obedient dog.

Kaira likes him, yet, as you can see from the picture..... she's a little afraid of him as well. ;) Money likes her cos she was feeding him her rice crackers!!! kekeke.


brought kaira to visit a new friend of mine who comes from taiwan. and this is what happened!! she really enjoyed the chocolate biscuits ! (something she doesn't get when she's @ home...kekeke).

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Surprise Blessing!

Received a package from far far away singapore this noon!

When i opened it and saw the snacks galore inside, i almost cried!!! Whahahaha.....felt like a child opening up her christmas present! so excited and overjoyed :) :)

and i have such a thoughtful friend in eleanor (whom we met earlier this month in amsterdam and that trip, she has already blessed me with so much goodies from singapore!), she even wrote a note for most of the stuff! Thank you Lord for such a sister!!!!

can't help but have a warm fuzzy feeling reading the notes and of course, when i am eating the snacks, will feel even warmer!!! hehehehe.

and 2 english christian books!! o woah, how did she know there's a dearth of such treasures here?? ;)

i am really very touched by her act of kindness. for thinking of us. thanks once again sister!

goodies galore! (2 items missing -- the mee sua cos in my excitement, i missed it! and the packet of calbee prawn crackers...cos the package burst while in transit .... but i ijust had to eat it, so i had some "lao hong" prawn crackers....hahaha)

kaira's first target -- the bottle of "sng muay" (preserved plums)

complete with a NTUC plastic bag!! i lurrrrve it. i do need plastic bags here :) errr, if u r wondering what is the envelope doing in the pix ...... it's to censor certain sensitive information written on the note lah! ;p kekekeke

these are the fuzzzy-warm-feeling "evokers" .... :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I must be getting old. Today i wanted to stir-fry some tau-gay (aka bean sprouts) and had to pluck the ends.

I remember when i was a young child and my parents ask me to help pluck the ends of tau-gay, i would be so so so so reluctant! what a waste of time. i rather not eat it....hehehehe.

but today, while plucking the ends, it actually felt kind of therapeutic and i enjoyed it!!! quite unbelievable =P

i don't know why i enjoyed it so much today!~ maybe cos kaira was out with her papa swimming and i could do it in peace! maybe becos while doing it, it brings back childhood memories. of my grandma, my mum, my dad doing the same thing. and i could spend some time reminiscing about the past. time spent as @ a child in the backyard of grandma's.

I wonder when kaira grows up, what will her memories be made of?

Praying that the Lord will provide her beautiful memories always.

Friday, August 21, 2009

What's Next @ 21 months?

These days, i am always very tickled by kaira's speech.

she's trying to speak in longer sentences and also learning to express herself more. here are some examples :

- kaira help pack pack.
- play with 妹妹. 妹妹 happy.
- mama sit that one.
- sit together mummy
- raisins nice.
- don't want hold hands. kaira walk self.

altho she's missing her prepositions and they are not properly constructed, it's really nice to be able to have a "conversation" with her some times! i guess soon, with our guidance, she will speak better!

actually now, only me and her papa understands what she's saying. the people around usually "catch no ball".... kekeke....

and these few days, often times she will be too excited in wanting to express herself that she stutters.... i have to remind her to slow down when she wants to talk. hope it's just a phase.

after lunch today, she's sitting @ her table eating apple. talking to herself and suddenly i heard :

kaira go park morning. come home. what's next?

it really tickled me, cos i am surprised she said "what's next" -- i have no idea how she picked up the phrase "what's next" and am not sure if she really understood the meaning? but when i replied " play for a while, then take a nap", she smiled....seemingly indicating that it's an answer she expects?? blows my mind.

about 2 weeks ago, she started on the "What's this" phrase. every new thing she sees, she goes "what's this". very amusing now. i hope i don't get tired answering this question! ha. she's also beginning to use the phrase "Where's xxxx" alot. every time she cannot find something, she goes "where's xxxx" and if she can't find it, it will be "mummy help".

she's really so sweet these days....

when i am busy in the kitchen, she will usually (obviously it's too much to expect her to be cooperative all the time ! hehe) play on her own. occassionally she comes into the kitchen and proclaims "mummy busy. mummy finish, play with kaira" then she goes off. when's she playing with other children, she's usually very "giving" and will share her toys. she doesn't fuss when other's snatch her toys away....she just finds another to play with. when it's something that she really likes, she will hold on so tight to the toy, that there were times the other party goes away crying for help....kekeke. she loves to "sayang" 妹妹 whom she sees on a regular basis(my friend's daughter who's 8 months younger).

i hope she stays this sweeeeet!! shoo the terrible 2s away!! kekekeke.

she's 21 months old today. :) :) cannot believe that my baby is going to be 2 in 3 months time!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

热,!Hot! Atsui!

Saturday was a very excellent day cos it was quite fact, i would dare say it was HOT! =)

this summer has been wonderful compared to our last (and very first!) summer here =P

most of the time it's warm, sunny and breezy. of course it rains alot here as well. but as long as it's not the prolonged kind of rain, i am not complaining!!!

this kind of summer weather does make me want to live in europe for a few more years....hehehehe....if i can withstand the cold winter... LOL.

my first summer experience was so "terrible" that i truly truly appreciate the weather this summer!!

and it's kind of sad that summer is drawing to an end .....which means that winter is nearing! aaargh !!! hopefully i adapt better to winter this year.

On the bright side, we have already booked our tickets to go back to HOT HOT Singapore on 18 Dec. kekekeke - so I can avoid the cold winter!!! =P

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Leuven, Belgium

We drove to Leuven, a belgian city, today. Drive was excellent (under 1.5hrs) and we passed through some country side and it was really an enjoyable change from the expressways!

And what a lovely day it was. bright and sunny, yet cool in the morning (can't the same when we reached home in the afternoon! it was really hot hot hot!).

And this weekend happens to be the MarktRock Festival there which i supposed meant music & beer aplenty ... which explains why the whole town was "asleep" when we reached there ard 1045am. in fact, it was still "sleeping" by the time we left! think everyone's recovering from the partying the night before and conserving energy for more partying tonite!!! but err, guess the partying's not for us ;)

so the shops were closed. a real pity cos i could do with some retail therapy! only eateries were open.

had a pleasant walk around the town, nice leisurely lunch before heading home!
this was the main town attraction :

The magnificent town hall built in Brabantine Late Gothic Style between 1448 and 1469. That makes it over 500 years old! Wow. It's famous for its ornate architecture, crafted in lace-like detail. And 3 architects oversaw its construction. It's really beautiful. (our photo taking skills doesn't do any justice to it....kekeke).

Other photos here :

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kaira's new toys

Got her a set of lego blocks and a tricycle the last week.

I wasn't expecting her to show alot of interest in the lego blocks as she hardly shows any interest in them during sunday school. But she surprised me cos she loves them! she can play on her own for quite an extended period of time. i hesitated buying the lego blocks earlier but as it was on offer, i decided to buy it. And seeing how engrossed she is with them, wished i had bought them earlier!!

As for the tricycle, when i bring her cycling, she always wants to step on the pedals of my bike. and so i thought, maybe she's "ready" for her own tricycle.

But, think her legs still abit too short to pedal properly....hehehe...good thing this comes with the rod behind ...can push her around and bring her to the park in it.

she's still giving me this expression whenever i ask her to smile!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Bibliotheek Eindhoven

The central library that is.

Been wanting to bring kaira there to see what's the english collection is like for toddlers. The neighbourhood library near our place is really very small. Was hoping that the central library will be different.

Well, i was disappointed. The library itself is decent, spacious, has a cafe and not too crowded. And kaira had fun walking up and down the stairs there.... hehe.

The english collection for toddlers, was a pathetic "less than half a shelf"!! Hmmmm....guess i have to continue buying english books from amazon for her! There were some chinese books as well, but didn't seem suitable for her age....probably for older kids.

I have yet to check out the english selection for adults. Was too disappointed today... went off very soon after selecting 3 books for her. Good thing I took up membership for her only (which is free) cos for adults, have to pay an annual fee.

One of the not so positive things i suppose about living here ;(

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Up Up and Away

Property prices in singapore that is.

From what i read on the net, it seems that prices have been "escalating" in recent weeks/months.

I simply do not understand. Is the singapore economy so strong and immune to the so called "global financial crisis"? or is it that majority of the singaporeans are rich and flushed with cash with no where to park their money?


I hope prices don't continue northward such that we are priced out of the market!! i am still hoping to buy a property in singapore in the near future .... else we will be "property-less"!! or maybe we should buy one here instead??? ;)

let's see.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Singapore Goodies Day!!!

we went to amsterdam again on saturday and it was a day of blessings from old and new friends!!

let's talk abt the new first! So glad to catch up with lawrence one last time before he returns to singapore for good end of august! (his wife peipei and daughter trisha has already gone home). and of course, so glad too to receive the items that he has so kindly helped to carry back from singapore :) including milk bottle cleanser!! that is like so "in time" cos am down to my last pack now. (yep, they don't sell milk bottle cleanser here.)

and now to the old.
eleanor, whom i have not seen in yearsssss (and i mean double digit years!!!), but reconnected via facebook recently, was in amsterdam for a business trip!! had had to meet her ...... to catch up on the "lost years" since TOUCH NUS days....kekeke.

come to think of it, she has the privilege of being the first friend from singapore to "visit" us leh!!!!!

it was indeed good....brought back so many memories and of course more goodies from home -- bak kwa and kaya and a biscuit from the "good old days" for little kaira!

err, think the parents will be eating more of them .... kekekeke.

on a separate note, our trip today coincided with the Gay Pride Parade in Amsterdam -- so we got a chance to be "part" of the festivities ....err, although only as passerbys! ;) the action hasn't really started when we were there in the afternoon....