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Friday, July 10, 2009

Thanksgiving, Again! Hallelujah.

Since mid June, i was "red-faced" literally. this time round, the "face attack" was very bad :( bumps all over the face. very red. and it lasted for close to 3 weeks!!

really really really bad.

this episode made me realised that it may not be food that triggers such a reaction. it could have been the sun. (but i do apply sun block). it could have been something "internal" , that there's nothing i could do then.

anywayz, i did all i can, moisturise, apply sun block, avoid food triggers. but didn't help :( i even tried "new" methods like aloe veral gel, but also no help.

i was really quite upset by my face. i was even thinking of going to see the doctor, and get a referral to see the dermatologist (but i was hesitant cos i did see a dermatologist in the past, when i was in singapore. he was disappointing. no concrete help except steriod cream! that's not very helpful isn't it? but the face was in such a bad shape that i was giving serious thought to seeking professional help again.)

Anyway, one day while i was praying, felt a prompting from the Lord to pray. Honestly, i never prayed about my face before. seems like something so "trivial"??? and so "frivolous" and "vain" ..... whatever.

So i prayed and committed it to the Lord.

The next day, the Lord granted me abit of "wisdom", applied some organic honey on my face and it helped!! hallelujah! and why did i try honey? cos saw an article about the healing properties of honey. must be God's hand to bring the article to my attention.

so everyday i diligently applied a honey mask and the face was getting better.

I also asked a sister here to pray with me.

and just over the weekend, i thought the problem is behind me! but nope, 2 days ago, the bumps starting appearing again!

i was crushed. O Lord, what happened?

But i decided to make a choice. To continue to trust in the Lord and believe in His healing hand. so off to my prayer closet to commit this face of mine to the Lord.

Thank God that today the face is much better. Although i think it's not a complete healing yet....i am praying by faith that i will see less of the redness and bumps
going forward. And a restoration of the skin to "normality".

For the Lord my God is the Healer. Amen.

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