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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Power of Cartoon

It was in early June 09 that we first exposed Kaira to cartoons on TV.

from being disinterested to now, fully engrossed, it's such a fast process!!! scary.

anyway, i wanted to blog this down.

Kaira is very sensitive to the "door opening" sound especially in the evenings cos she knows that it means that Papa's home! Usually, even before the Papa steps in, she would be calling out "Papa Papa" and all ready to run to the door to greet him. she does that everyday. even when she's in the middle of her dinner, she will want me to carry her down so that she can go greet him.

yesterday evening, Papa came home from work. she was watching cartoon. She was so engrossed she didn't know he's back. so i went to her, and told her "Papa's home from work. go and kiss Papa"

and the gal actually shook her head and said "cartoon".

aiyo, papa so dejected ! lost to the new love ! so funnie.

then he asked me, have we started her too early on cartoon watching? LOLOLOLOL.

Afternote :
today, she's back to her "Excited to see papa come home" self. think papa is quite happy abt it :) hehehe


The Woos said...

hahha...that's so funny. I can imagine Issac's dejected look. Poor thing.

It may only be a temporary obession lah, so dun be dejected.

I started Trisha pretty early on tv...hehe...but she only interested in certain cartoons (like Dora and Diego) and not others so I guess it's still not too bad and she doesn't ask for tv at all unless we ask if she wants to watch Dora or Diego.

Ms Long said...

think he's secretly happy that she was back to her usual self today and wanting him to carry her the moment he's home :)