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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Germany Road Trip

With so many places to see in Germany, whenever i research for trips to germany, i get information overload, resulting in inaction! i have been researching on germany since last year! ha! but after a while, i always give up. I mean, there's so many cities and scenic routes .... the romantic route, the rhine route, the black forest route so on and so forth ..... so so so much to see! where does one start???

this trip of ours, was decided on the the "whim", after watching an episode of globe trekker when Rothenburg was featured. It has been on my "to visit" list so, that kind of got me into action.

And so, in a record time of 2 weeks, research was done, accomodation was booked and on Monday 20 Jul, we set off for our 6D5N road trip with the following itinerary :

Day 1 : Rothenburg
Day 2 : Wurzburg
Day 3 : Dinkelsbuelh/Heidelberg
Day 4 : Heidelberg/Koblenz
Day 5 : Side trips from Koblenze : Kobern Gondorf, Burg Eltz, Munster-Maifeld
Day 6 : Cochem (last minute! decided on Day 5 to visit!)

The above itinerary was my feeble attempt to sample both the romantic route & the legendary rhine route.

The drive was scenic and weather was kind. It rained in Heidelberg, but good thing it started raining when we were about to leave! and when we reached Koblenz, the rain there has cleared. O the last day, it rained while we were driving and we were blessed to have good weather to enjoy Cochem. Thank God.

Since it's a road trip, highlights from the drive!

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