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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Germany - Koblenz


A big town with various squares. Maybe because its big, it's not that charming or quaint =P

Maybe i had different expectations. Maybe i didn't research enough ...hehehe... i had imagined a nice old town by the river rhine. Old it was. but err, not as beautiful as i had imagined!

that's why i much prefer Cochem and Kobern-Gondorf =P

The hotel we stayed in, was a 15 minute walk to the old town. Had imagined it to be a scenic lovely walk. But i guess this part of the river where Koblenz is situated, just isn't that lovely! so, overall, we were a little disappointed.

but the side trips (to burg eltz and kobern-gondorf) we took were really nice and it was the highlight of our stay in Koblenz.

Since we didn't enjoy Koblenz much, we thought we should not waste our last day there, which was why we made a last minute stop @ Cochem instead. And we were glad we did that cos Cochem was just what i imagined a town by the River Rhine to be.....hehehehe.

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