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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

First Time @ the Dutch Playgroup

This morning, brought Kaira to a playgroup near our place.

She seemed to enjoy the place and the toys there, maybe cos its the first time, so everything's new! Plus, i am there throughout the time, so she could play @ ease.

Forgot to bring my camera (as usual!)....will try to remember to take some pictures the next time.

Over here, pre-school starts for children aged 2 years 3 months (i understand if there are vacancis they take in from 2 years old), so we have some time in the playgroup before she goes off to pre-school. hopefully she gets used to the idea and teachers and maybe this will be the place where i will enrol her for pre-school next year.

The playgroup is held once a week and basically, the kids just play with the toys, do abit of craftwork, have a snack, sing songs etc. Purely for social interaction. I guess for the mums, it's also a good way to meet other mums.

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