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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Expressing Herself

On saturday, we were shopping and @ Blokker, one of the local stores, Kaira took 2 lunch boxes and told Papa "Kaira buy these". Shopping -- they start young !!

On Tuesday, we were @ the supermarket and she saw a baby in a pram. Without prompting, Kaira went "Baby so cute".

In addition, she's into giving "commentaries" now. Wherever we go, she will "update" us with her commentaries :

Auntie pack.
Uncle eating.
哥哥 slide down.
Big bus coming.

the list goes on.

everyday she surprises us with new phrases that she picks up. and hopefully as she tries to express herself bit by bit, she will be able to get her "needs/emotions" across to us more :)

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