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Friday, June 12, 2009

Verbal Skills

From a baby who simply cries to express her wants to her being able to somewhat express what she wants now, it just seems like she has grown so much .......awwww, my baby is growing up so fast.

i have lost count of the new words that she has been sprouting but am always amazed by her "new commands" ... commanding me to "throw ball", "help me", "hold hands", "draw draw", "open door", "diaper cream (ie put the cream for her)" and what have you.

her favorite words for the moment is "tractor" and "big truck" cos of the road works just outside our place, there are tractors and trucks passing by every day. as well as "climb" and "slide down" cos these are her favorite activities.

and her favorite phrase is "auntie says" or "uncle says" =P cos some times when i want to get her to do something (and she isn't cooperative), i will tell her "auntie xx (or uncle xx) says kaira is a good gal for doing YY" ... LOLOL. 骗小孩子!

mandarin wise, this week's favorites are 面包, 洗手 and 葡萄. definitely a more limited "repertoire" compared to english. although i think she understands it quite well.

she's trying to say 3-syllables words now like butterfly. still trying.

i guess she's making normal progress as a 18.5 month toddler. :)

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