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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Day -- Dip in the Pool, Cycling, Alfresco Tea

Yesterday morning, we decided to bring kaira for a dip in the indoor pool here since it was quite "Warm" ....

She had such a great time with the water slides and wading pool -- she didn't want to go home!! we were glad we brought her there -- have been procrastinating for the longest time!! usually it's because it's so "cold" -- why would we want to go swimming rite? hehehe.

but we should -- kaira loves playing with the water.

it's not cheap though, it's a public pool and adult entry is 4.50 euro per person and for kaira, it was 2.50 euro. [need to check if there's a long term pass or something to make it cheaper for us.]

forgot to bring the camera so no photos.

she was so tired she slept in the car on the way home. and i thought she was going to take a long nap @ home. but she woke up after 45 minutes and refusing to nap again.

so after lunch, we went cycling.

Decided to check out the Philips FruitTuin (i.e Fruit Garden) which is about 30minutes bike ride from our place. We had no idea what to expect as it was a spur of the moment decision and i didn't do any research on it. I actually thought it would be a place where the kids can explore the orchards and learn something about fruits...but hehehe, i was wrong.

there were orchards alright, but i don't think its free for us to roam. there was a shop selling produce from the garden, a restaurant and a small play area for kids.

So, we ended up enjoying tea, alfresco, while kaira had a bit of fun with the new play area.

The garden (i think a better word to describe is an orchard?) was really nice and peaceful. like a mini-wineyard... and while having tea there, reminds me of the vineyards we visited before. very very nice and relaxing. we will certainly go back there again.

here are some pictures, taken with the phone.

finally a chance to wear a sleeveless top!!! woohoo... LOLOL.

as u can see, not many customers! there were less than 10 customers that afternoon! very nice indeed ;)

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