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Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Thoughts

Last year, i tried to make as many mummy friends as i could ...... when i am out and about.....especially at the park. and its not easy ah. striking a friendship with total strangers.

and i made a GRAND TOTAL of 3 friends... who lived around my neighbourhood. And they are all Chinese. Difficult to make friends with the locals.... although most are friendly but there's no further contact.

these 3 mummies that i know are really "important" to me cos playdates with their children keeps kaira occupied and also keeps my sanity ;)

But sadly, 1 has left (husband contract ended), 1 has moved (but thank God, with the bicycle, her place is only a 20-25minute bike ride) and 1 will most probably move soon (and unfortunately will be quite far away.)

seems like i have to start all over again. Can only pray that God sends more friends in my neighbourhood my way.

anyway, recently found a weekly dutch playgroup near my place. will start bringing kaira there next week. let's see how things go.

Of course, i have other friends, mostly from church. but we seldom see each other on week days, for various reasons, most of them work, don't live around the neighbourhood, don't "click" .........whatever.

why am i writing about this? guess this is one area that "pains" me. i so wish that kaira grows up with more peer interaction.... sometimes feel abit letdown.


The Woos said...

I totally can understand your feelings. You were luckier than me at least there's playground nearby and meet up with other Chinese mums. =) dun give up, try to think positively!

you are moving? to where?

The Woos said...

oops, I realised it's not you that will be moving house but one of the Chinese friends that will move house...=p

Ms Long said...

heyz, all ready to go home? =)

yup, will continue to work on building my social network here :)