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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kaira's First Artwork

can't remember when i started to let kaira play with crayons. probably some time in March.

anyway, it's usually me who ends up drawing. cos she's more interested in taking the crayons out of their container/box and rearranging/putting them back. so i am not very motivated to have "drawing time" with her. plus i don't like to draw. ;)

and sometimes i wonder if she has taken after mummy who simply has no "flair" for art & craft. I definitely can't draw and hate doing craftwork. hehehe.

anywayz, today is a rainy day, so i took out the crayons to keep her occupied (even if it's for a short while). and she gave me a pleasant surprise today.

she drew some messy lines and told me it's an apple! hahahaha. so adorable!

here's the picture (i wrote the word "apple" for her).

then, she drew some more messy lines and told me its a bird.

hope she grows up to be a bit more like papa where the "artistic" side is of concern.... and not follow in my footsteps. hehehe.

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