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Friday, June 05, 2009

Home Learning

Seeing the example of Trisha's mummy who has been very diligent teaching trisha the alphabets @ home, i thought it's a good idea to do that for Kaira too. Plus, trisha looks like she's enjoying the learning sessions very much! :)

Wasn't sure when is a good time to start, but thought that since she's already 18.5 months now, maybe she's ready for a more "structured learning" time.

So i started with "A" today. Thought i would keep it short since i have no idea how she'll react and if it goes well, can expand on "A" another day with rhymes and what nots. The plan was this :

- teaching her to recognise some words beginning with "A".
- do 2 craft work -- putting together an "apple man" and an "angel".
- getting her to color "A" and "a" and an ambulance.

but err, when she saw the crayons, she wants to do things her way....which is, take the crayons out from the box, and put them back in again. That's what she does everytime with the crayon. so it was no different.

Try to show her how to color the letter "A" and "ambulance" -- end up, its me coloring it.

Next showed her the words -- OK, at least she looked at them. but after a while, she went "down down", "slide slide".

Oops, think she prefers to go to the park, then having a "lesson"!!

Ok, thought i could distract her with the art and craft. Think she's like mummy, doesn't like art and craft. she wants to eat the paper, she wants to throw the paper into the bin and what have u.

Despite all these, she was occupied for 30 minutes. not too bad.

I am wondering if she's ready? Should i continue or wait for a couple more months when she can appreciate this better?

1 comment:

The Woos said...


It's ok, don't give up hope. Either she's not ready or it's just something she's not used too. You can try again another day and see how it goes. I only started Trisha when she's 22mths old so maybe you can do more painting, art and craft with glueing, colouring with her first without going into the structured letters learning first.

Good luck, I'm sure she'll have lots of fun with learning in future!